Forgetful Fred Forgets Christmas

Forgetful Fred came down the stairs all dressed in his business suit. He had his briefcase in one hand and was grabbing a cup of coffee with the other hand.

“Where are you going this morning?” asked Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah.

“To work,” said Forgetful Fred, grabbing the keys for the car with his baby finger.

“On Christmas Day,” said Sarah.

“What!” exclaimed Forgetful Fred, going pale as a ghost, dropping the keys and spilling coffee all over the floor. “Today is Christmas!”

“Yes,” said Sarah. “Forgetful Fred, don’t tell me you forgot about Christmas?”

Forgetful Fred just stood there not saying a word because no matter what, he could not look Sarah in the face and tell her that he had forgotten about Christmas. However, all of a sudden, a light bulb went off in Forgetful Fred’s head. He remembered that last year, the day after Christmas he had purchased his wife a very special gift. Now all he had to do is remember where he put it.

He stood there thinking about where the gift was, while Sarah was talking to him trying to find out if he did forget all about Christmas. Sarah pointed to his briefcase and was telling him to set it down because he wasn’t going anywhere and when she did that, another light bulb went off in Forgetful Fred’s head.

“The gift that I bought for Sarah is in my briefcase,” he said to himself.

“Stop mumbling,” said Sarah. “Now did you forget about Christmas or not?”

Forgetful Fred set the briefcase down on the kitchen table and opened it up.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “You are not working on Christmas Day.”

“No,” said Forgetful Fred as he reached into a secret pocket in his briefcase and took out a little box already gift-wrapped. “Merry Christmas sweetheart.”

“Oh Forgetful Fred!” cried Sarah when she saw the gold pendant that her husband had just handed her. “Merry Christmas yourself.”

Forgetful Fred rushed right out to the mall the next morning and purchased Sarah’s Christmas gift for the next year. That way, he wouldn’t get into any trouble whatsoever.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is good to purchase your Christmas gifts way ahead of time.
  • Example: Forget Fred had purchased his wife, Sarah’s Christmas gift right after Christmas the year before.

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