Subway Sam’s Christmas

Subway Sam was taking the subway home from work in Toronto, Ontario, one Christmas Eve. He saw an elderly woman sitting all by herself in the back corner of the subway. She was staring out the window and Subway Sam could see a tear running down the side of her face.

Subway Sam went over to sit beside the woman. She quickly wiped away the tear and moved over in her seat to give Subway Sam some room. He smiled as he sat down.

“What is wrong?” asked Subway Sam, noticing the woman did not return his smile.

“It is Christmas Eve,” said the woman.

“Yes,” said Subway Sam. “It is, but this is a time to be happy and joyous.”

“For some,” said the woman. “But not for me. Christmas is a sad time of the year.”

“Aren’t you going to have a big celebration with your family or friends?” asked Subway Sam.

“I don’t have any family and my friends are all busy with their families,” the woman said, her eyes welling up with tears again.

“Gee,” said Subway Sam. “I know one friend who is going to have a big turkey with all the trimmings and would love to have you join us.”

“Who?” asked the woman. “Who would want an old lady like me to share their Christmas?”

“I would,” said Subway Sam. “As a matter of fact, I’d be honoured if you would join me and my family for Christmas.”

Subway Sam made a quick phone call to his wife on his cell phone explaining about their extra Christmas guest. His wife was only too pleased to have the woman share their Christmas and as a matter of fact, she stopped everything she was doing and rushed out to the nearest department store and purchased a very warm sweater for the woman for her Christmas gift.

“Thank you,” the woman cried, hugging Subway Sam. “You don’t know how happy you have made me.”

“Oh I think I do,” said Subway Sam, quickly wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “And it is my pleasure.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We should take more notice of elderly people at Christmas, who are all alone.
  • Example: Subway Sam invited an elderly woman home to have Christmas with him and his family.

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