Chester Chipmunk Helps Mama Acorn

“Look at that silly chipmunk,” commented Mama Acorn, as she watched the chipmunk that was scurrying on the ground, trying to gather acorns. “At least we know he will never get us.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” said Papa Acorn.” We aren’t as safe as you may think. We have fallen our the branch several times.”

“That is true,” said Mama Acorn.

Baby Acorn stood on the branch and he saw the chipmunk. He leaned over a little bit too far and he ended up falling off the branch.

“Oh dear,” cried Mama Acorn. “Baby, are you okay?”

“I just saw the chipmunk carry him away,” said Papa Acorn.

“We have to find him,” said Mama Acorn.

“I will go look for him,” said Papa Acorn.

“I am coming too,” said Mama Acorn.

Papa Acorn and Mama Acorn held hands and jumped from the branch together. They landed in a soft pile of leaves.

Soon, Papa Acorn saw the chipmunk that had taken Baby Acorn, a few minutes ago.

“Yes,” said the chipmunk. “I may have your baby. He was crying for his papa and his mama.”

“Where is he?” asked Mama Acorn. “Is he okay?”

“He is fine,” said the chipmunk. “I took him to my stash of acorns. I collect them for winter.”

“My name is Papa Acorn,” said Papa Acorn. “Do you think we could have him back?”

“My name is Chester Chipmunk,” said the chipmunk. “If he means anything to you, then yes, you can have him back.”

“Oh thank you, “said Mama Acorn. “Our precious baby means the world to us.”

Chester took Mama and Papa Acorn to his pile of acorns. Within minutes, Mama Acorn had located Baby Acorn.

“That was fast,” said Chester.

“Never under estimate the love between a mother and her child,” said Papa Acorn, hugging Baby Acorn tightly.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never under estimate the love between a mother and her child.
  • Example: Mama Acorn found Baby Acorn in Chester Chipmunk’s pile of acorns.
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