Fallen Acorns

Mama Acorn was cleaning the branch of the oak tree she lived on with her family. It was a beautiful autumn day. Papa and Baby Acorn joined her on the branch. It was nice to spend time outdoors. They knew there wouldn’t be too many more nice days left because they knew winter was right around the corner.

Papa Acorn turned the radio on. The radio was playing Mama Acorn’s favourite song. She started dancing to it. Soon Papa and Baby joined in. They were holding hands and dancing in circles. They were all having such a good time. However, Mama lost her footing and all three acorns fell to the ground.

The Acorn family landed in a pile of soft leaves so, they got up and dusted themselves off. They weren’t hurt.

“We are lucky we didn’t hurt ourselves,” said Mama Acorn, coddling Baby Acorn to make sure he was okay.

“How will we get back up into our tree?” asked Baby Acorn.

“Good question,” said Mama Acorn, looking at Papa.

“Someone is coming,” said Papa. “It is Billy Troll. I am sure he will help us.”

“He better,” said Mama.

“Why do you say that?” asked Papa.

“Because it was his song we were dancing to,” laughed Mama.

“Oh dear,” said Papa, laughing too.

Billy Troll did help the Acorn Family back up onto the branch they lived on. When he found out the reason why they had fallen off the tree was because they were dancing to his song, he sang his brand new song to them but they had to promise him first that they would not dance to it.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings when you are dancing.
  • Example: The Acorn Family fell off their branch because they were dancing and weren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

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