A Poor Halloween

Gooseberry and her brothers, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry were in the park. Gooseberry saw a young girl sitting on a park bench. The girl was crying. Gooseberry flew over to see her.

“What is your name?” asked Gooseberry. “My name is Gooseberry.”

“I am Isabella,” said the girl, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” asked Gooseberry.

“I am sad,” said Isabella.

“Why are you sad?” asked Gooseberry.

“Halloween is tomorrow,” said Isabella. “I get to go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy.”

“That should make you happy,” said Gooseberry. “Not sad.”

“Well,” said Isabella. “I am sad because my parents are poor and we don’t have money to buy candy to give out to the other children.”

“You are so sweet for thinking of others,” said Gooseberry. “You wait right here. I am going to talk to my brothers and see if we can help you.”

Gooseberry went over to her brothers and told them what Isabella had just told her.

“What a sweet girl!” exclaimed Raspberry. “There must be something we can do.”

“Why don’t we buy some candy and give the candy to her parents?” asked Blueberry.

“What if her parents are too proud to accept the candy?” asked Blackberry.

“Good point,” said Gooseberry. “What if we buy the candy and leave it at their front door?”

“That is a good idea,” said Raspberry. “Surely, if they her parents see candy on their doorstep, they will use it for trick-or-treaters.”

“I agree,” said Gooseberry.

Gooseberry flew back to where Isabella was. She told Isabella what they were going to do to help her.

“Thank you,” said Isabella, giving Gooseberry a big hug.

The next afternoon, Isabella’s Mother heard the doorbell ring. She saw a big bag of Halloween candy on the porch.

“I wonder where this candy came from?” asked Mother.

“I think my friends put it there,” said Isabella. “They told me they were going to put it there. Now, we have candy to give out to the trick-or-treaters tonight.”

“That is so sweet,” said Mother. “I think we should thank your friends.”

Isabella took her mother to the park. Gooseberry and her brothers were at the park.

“Isabella told me what you did,” said Mother. “I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have had a rough time lately.”

“Isabella is such a caring girl,” said Gooseberry. “She cares about other people. She has a heart of gold.”

“She certainly does,” said Mother. “And so do you and your brothers. Thank you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to think of others.
  • Example: Isabella was sad because her parents didn’t have money to buy Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters they would get at their door.

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