No Candy for Halloween

The Monster Berry Family went into town. They had to buy some Halloween candy for their Halloween party.

“I am sorry,” said the clerk at the first store they went to. “Haven’t you heard? We have run out of Halloween candy this year.”

“You mean there is no candy for Halloween,” said the Gooseberry, disappointed.

“That is correct,” said the clerk.

“Come on,” said Raspberry. “We will have to try another store.”

“I’m afraid you won’t find any there,” said the clerk. “There is no Halloween candy at all in the whole town.”

“That is nonsense,” said Blackberry.

“What happened to it all?” asked Blueberry.

“Our shipment is delayed,” said the clerk. “There was a bad snowstorm on the other side of the mountain. The roads are all closed. Apparently the mountain passes are impassable.”

“Oh dear,” said Gooseberry.” What are we going to do. We can’t have Halloween with no candy.”

“I have an idea,” said Raspberry, looking around the store. “We can make our own Halloween candy.”

The Monster Berry family bought all the ingredients they needed. They also bought some candy moulds and some small brown paper bags.

“Oh look,” said Gooseberry, taking the first candy out of the mould. “This one looks like me and this one looks like Raspberry.”

“And Raspberry made one to look like Blackberry and I,” said Blueberry.

The Monster Berry family had so many bags of Halloween candy made up. They had more than they needed. They took what they didn’t need and gave it to the clerk at the store.

“We don’t want you to sell it,” said Raspberry. “We want you to shell it out to the children on Halloween night.”

“You are so kind,” said the clerk. “The children will be so grateful.”

The children were grateful to the Monster Berry Family for what they did for them. In fact, the whole town was grateful.

“That was a very unselfish thing you did,” said the mayor of the town, at a special event held just for the Monster Berry Family. “I am giving you the hero award because your family saved Halloween for our town and we are all very grateful.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to think of others.
  • Example: The Monster Berry Family made more than enough candy for their Halloween party, after hearing there was no Halloween candy in town. They donated their extra candy to the store to shell out to the children on Hallwoween night.

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