Where is Winter?

“Where is winter?” shouted Ice Bird, angrily. “Why am I just seeing slush?”

Ice Bird loved winter and he was very upset to see that winter was going to be over soon.

“Why are you so angry?” asked a squirrel. “It is going to be spring soon. All the animals in the forest love the fact that winter is finally coming to an end.”

“Everyone but me,” said Ice Bird. “I don’t want winter to be over yet. I love winter.”

“It is okay to love winter,” said the squirrel. “But you know and I know winter doesn’t last forever.”

“I suppose,” said Ice Bird.

“Instead of wasting time worrying about when winter will end,” said the squirrel. “You should go out there and enjoy what is left of it.”

“That is excellent advice,” said Ice Bird, giving serious thought to what the squirrel had just said to him.

Ice Bird did go out and enjoy what was left of winter. He was glad he did because it wasn’t long until spring was in full bloom.


Moral of this Story:

  • Unfortunately, our favourite seasons don’t last forever.
  • Example: Ice Bird loves winter but unfortunately, winter had to end.

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