Working on the Railroad

“It certainly is a beautiful day to travel aboard the railroad,” said Raymond the Railroad Conductor, taking the hand of an elderly passenger, helping her onboard. “Welcome to Storyland Railroad. I hope you enjoy your trip.”

“Thank you, young man,” said the elderly woman. “If all goes well, I am hoping this won’t be my last trip.”

“Oh,” said Raymond. “Are you going to see a specialist?”

“Heavens no,” laughed the elderly woman. “I am not going to see a doctor. I am meeting with my talent agency in Toronto. I am auditioning for a role in a movie.”

“Aren’t you Maggie Richards, that actress that played in that television series back in the 1970’s?” asked Raymond, recognizing the woman.

“Very good,” said the woman. “Yes, I am Maggie. It is my pleasure meeting you. It is an honour people still remember me from those days.”

“That detective show you were in is a classic,” said Raymond. “I watched it every Tuesday night.”

“This is an honour,” said Maggie. “That someone would recognize me from back then.”

“I have heard they are going to revive it,” said Raymond.

“Yes,” said Maggie. “And that is why I am going to Toronto.”

“This is wonderful,” said Raymond. “The best of luck to you with your audition.”

“Thank you,” said Maggie, taking an autographed photo of herself and giving it to Raymond.

“This is wonderful,” said Raymond. “I expect a new one when you land the new role.”

“It’s a deal,” said Maggie.

Raymond saw Maggie several more times because she did get the role and she preferred to travel by rail. They became very good friends and Raymond always took the time to help her aboard the railroad.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be courteous to your customers.
  • Example: Raymond the Railroad Conductor was able to meet Maggie Richards, an old actress that he remembered from the 1970’s.

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