Chester Chipmunk Needs Acorns

“Are you going to collect some acorns today?” Suzie asked her brother, Chester Chipmunk. “We are in the middle of autumn right now. You are going to run out of time.”

“No,” said Chester. “Not today. I was going to play down at the pond today.”

“Chester,” said Suzie. “I don’t understand you. You know that winter is coming and you also know that work comes before play.”

“Yes,” said Chester. “I know all that. I just want one more day of play. I promise tomorrow I will collect acorns.”

“It might be too late tomorrow,” said Suzie. “They are calling for snow tomorrow.”

“How can it snow tomorrow?” asked Chester. “It is so nice and warm today.”

“You know the weather can change drastically every day here in the prairies,” said Suzie.

“Yes,” said Chester. “That is true. I will play for a few hours and then I will collect some acorns.”

“Okay,” said Suzie. “That is better than nothing.”

Chester Chipmunk walked down to the pond. It was nice and quiet there. He sat under a tall tree and looked around at his surroundings. The pond was so clear that he could see his reflection in the water. Chester also saw something he didn’t really want to see. He saw a huge snow cloud above him.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Chester, to himself. “It is going to snow and by the looks of that cloud, it is going to snow quite a bit. Suzie was right but unfortunately for me, it is going to snow much sooner than expected. I better go and collect some acorns right away.”

Chester ran around like crazy, trying to add lots of acorns to a pile he had started at the beginning of autumn. He needed to hurry because it did just start snowing.

“Do you need some help?” Chester heard his sister, Suzie say, when she walked by Chester.

“I would love some help,” said Chester, in a panic. “But what about your pile?”

“I am all finished,” said Suzie.

Suzie helped her brother. In an hour they had a fairly big pile of acorns stacked up. They worked for one more hour and Chester figured he could get by with the amount of acorns they collected.

“Thank you,” said Chester. “I really didn’t deserve your help but I do really appreciate it.”

“You are welcome,” said Suzie. “Maybe next year you will take my advice and start collecting acorns earlier in the season while the weather is nice.”

“Yes,” said Chester. “I will. I promise.”

“This is just a fluke storm,” said Suzie. “There is still another bad one coming tomorrow.”

It was getting colder and colder by the minute. Within twenty minutes, the snow was coming down very heavily. By morning there was eight inches of snow on the ground.

“It is a good thing you collected those acorns when you did,” said Suzie, looking out the window.

“Yes,” said Chester. “It is and thank you for your help yesterday.”

“You are welcome,” said Suzie.

“I am going to start collecting acorns much earlier next year,” said Chester. “I don’t like that feeling of panic that I was having.”

“It isn’t a good idea to leave things to the last minute,” said Suzie.

“Oh,” said Chester. “I know. I have learned my lesson.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t leave things to the last minute.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk didn’t start collecting his acorns until the last minute.

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