Environment Bug – Do Not Rake Your Leaves

Environment Bug was walking through the streets of Calgary, Alberta on a warm autumn day. He saw many people raking their leaves.

“Why do people go to all that trouble of raking their leaves?” he asked himself as he walked along. “Don’t they know that it is better for their lawns if they leave the leaves alone. Those leaves add so many nutrients to their grass.”

“Good morning Environment Bug,” said Mrs. Alliston, who was Environment Bug’s neighbour. “Nice day, isn’t it.”

“It certainly is,” said Environment Bug.

“What are your plans today?” asked Mrs. Alliston.

“I think I have my work cut out for me today,” said Environment Bug.

“I see,” said Mrs. Alliston. “And why is that?”

“I need to educate people about the importance of not raking their leaves,” said Environment Bug.

“Not raking their leaves,” said Mrs. Alliston. “Why would you want to tell people to not rake their leaves?”

“If you do not rake your leaves,” said Environment Bug. “It is much better for your lawn and your garden as well.”

“How?” asked Mrs. Alliston, very confused.

“If you leave your leaves on your grass,” explained Environment Bug. “Your grass will be so much more healthier.”

“But when I rake the leaves,” said Mrs. Alliston. “My lawn looks so tidy.”

“Would you rather have a tidy lawn or a healthier lawn?” asked Environment Bug.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Alliston. “I would much rather have a healthier lawn.”

“Good,” said Environment Bug.

Mrs. Alliston saw her neighbour, Mr. Stevens raking his lawn.

“You know,” said Mrs. Alliston. “Environment Bug told me it is best to just leave the leaves on the ground. You will have a much healthier lawn.”

“Really,” said Mr. Stevens.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Alliston.

“Good,” said Mr. Stevens. “I did have a lot of other chores to do today anyway.”

Environment Bug did speak with several other people. Mrs. Alliston and Mr. Stevens did as well. A lot of people listened and come spring, their lawns were a lot healthier looking.


Moral of this Story:

  • Do not rake your leaves.
  • Example: Environment Bug spoke with several people about the benefits of leaving your leaves on your lawns.

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