A Windy Day

A very long time ago
A wild, wild wind did blow
It blew so hard, that on that day
It blew my little house away

I chased and chased after it
And I found it in a tar pit
Oh, my house was in one fine mess
Never had I seen such ugliness

With windows shattered and curtains tattered
I sat and cried while the wind still battered
Round and round and round it came
Leaving nothing in its path the same

Over hills and mountains it blew
Heading straight for the county zoo
It blew the stripes off a zebra that day
And took the poor monkey’s bananas away

The wind blew strong and with such a rage
That it opened up the lions cage
The lion roared and started to run
The wind was having so much fun

It found its way across the town
And blew the frown right off a clown
The clown was so mad, he began to cry
With one simple word, he asked the wind “Why?”

“Why do you have to be so rough?
To fix your damage will be very tough
I’m not very happy at all with you!”
The wind answered by untying his shoe

The wind kept blowing and blowing that day
Destroying everything that got in its way
But as quick as the wind came up
It stopped, just as abrupt

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