Billy Troll’s Summer Concert

“Hi there, Billy,” said Dianne Troll, carrying a tray of goodies. “I thought that you may be hungry, after all that singing that you’ve been doing today.”

“Oh, thank-you, Dianne,” said Billy Troll, taking a freshly baked brownie from the tray. “Oh, this is still warm!”

“Yes, just the way you like them,” said Dianne, smiling. “So, what are you up to?”

“Practicing,” said Billy, laying his guitar down.

“For what?” asked Dianne. “Your next gig isn’t until the middle of August.”

“That’s what you think,” said Billy. “I’ve decided to perform at the summer concert in Troll Town.”

“You have!” exclaimed Dianne. “That’s excellent!”

“It should be interesting,” said Billy. “This will be my first major appearance as a country singer.”

“Well, they loved you last fall at the auditorium,” said Dianne.

“There’s no reason that anyone won’t want you there.”

“Except for the Jagged Trolls,” said Billy.

“Oh, the Jagged Trolls are nothing,” said Dianne. “They don’t have what you have.”

“Is that so?” asked Billy. “What is it that I’ve got?”

“You know, diversity,” said Dianne. “You can change your style of music and still sound t! I’d like to hear the Jagged Trolls sing country.”

“Oh please, Dianne,” said Billy.

” “So, how many bands are going to be performing?” asked Dianne, changing the subject.

“Well, I don’t really know,” said Billy. “Of course, The Jagged Trolls will be there.”

“Oh yes, of course,” said Dianne. “Anything for attention.”

“Precisely,” said Billy.

“Hey look,” said Dianne, pointing to a limousine that had just pulled up into Billy’s way.

Billy and Dianne both watched as a man in his early forties got out of the limo.

“Hello,” said the man. “Is Billy Troll here?”

“Yes, I am,” said Billy, shaking the man’s outstretched hand.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” said the man, honestly. “I’m Russell Solina, president of Troll Records.”

“Troll Records!” exclaimed Billy. “Wow, it is certainly a pleasure to meet you.”

“I’ll be upfront with you,” said Russell. “We want you, Billy. We want to give you a recording contract.”

“A recording contract!” exclaimed Dianne. “Oh, Billy that is wonderful!” “I’m flattered,” said Billy. “This is a great honour.”

“It would be a greater honour for us if you said yes,” said Russell. “We have a lot of things planned for you, Billy, promotional tours and concerts. As a matter of fact, we are sponsoring this years summer concert. We’d like you to be our headliner.”

“Headliner!” exclaimed Billy. “I can’t believe this!”

“Well, believe it, my son,” said Russell. “You are an excellent musician. I saw you last Fall at the auditorium. I love your new sound!”

“Thank you,” said Billy, modestly.

Billy and Russell discussed the details of the contract and then they set up a time that they would meet to sign all the necessary documents.

“It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you,” said Russell. “Now, how would you and your lady friend like to have dinner with my wife and me tonight?”

Billy looked at Dianne, who winked approvingly at him.

“Yes Russell,” said Billy. “We’d be honoured!”

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