A Creepy Spring

It was a beautiful spring day in Banff, Alberta. The streets were fairly empty and that was rare for Banff because Banff is a tourist hotspot in Canada. However, Banff was under a pandemic, just like every other place in the world.

“Oh, I am so glad I am finished my quarantine,” said Creepy Creature.

Creepy Creature was showing symptoms of having a cold so he self-quarantined for two weeks. Now, his quarantine was over and after being locked up for two weeks, he was ready to take on the world, or at least Banff.

Creepy Creature hadn’t had any candy in two weeks and he wanted some, badly. However, he also knew he had to social distance himself and that was hard for him because normally, to get what he wants, he runs up to people, grabs their legs and won’t let go until they give him candy.

He knew he would have to behave himself¬† during the pandemic because he didn’t want to end up being quarantined ever again. So, what he did instead is he stood six feet¬† in front of people and when the person moved to the right, he would and when they moved to the left, he did that too. It drove the people crazy and they would grab what was in their pockets and throw that it him. He would then pick up any candy he found and let that person through. He would do that to the next person and the next, until he had enough candy to do him.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t fun being quarantined.
  • Example: Creepy Creature found out that being quarantined was not fun and when he was finished with his quarantine, he was ready to take on the world.

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