Grampy’s Little Green Car Helps Santa

It was Christmas Eve and Grampy was out driving around in his little green car, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. He was driving out of the parking lot of the shopping mall when he saw a commotion ahead of him. He carefully put on his brakes and came to a stop.

Grampy got out of his little green car and walked over to where the commotion was. What he saw made him laugh so hard that he almost cried. What he saw, was Santa Claus and his sleigh stuck in the snow.

“What are you laughing about?” asked Santa Claus, when he saw Grampy.

“I’m laughing at you,” said Grampy, petting the reindeer on the head. “Imagine, Santa Claus getting stuck in the snow. That just doesn’t happen.”

The more Grampy thought about it, the more he laughed. Grampy tried to control his laughter when he saw how upset Santa Claus was getting at him.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Santa. “Since you find this so funny, why don’t you try to get us out of here.”

“I can do it,” said Grampy.

Grampy went to his little green car and hooked up a chain to the back of it. He then drove the car to where Santa’s sleigh was and hooked up the other end of the chain to it. He tried pulling the sleigh out of the snow but it wouldn’t budge. He gave the little green car some gas and still nothing.

“Sorry there Santa,” said Grampy. “But there is just too much weight in that sleigh. Some of it just has to go.”

Santa reached in the back of the sleigh and pulled out a big parcel and handed it to Grampy.

“Here,” said Santa Claus. “Merry Christmas, Grampy.”

Grampy could not believe it. He was actually getting a Christmas present this year.

“Wow!” exclaimed Grampy. “I’m impressed. I guess I must have been a good boy this year after all.”

“Well,” said Santa Claus. “I kind of felt sorry for you this year so I have given in a little bit.”

“I see,” said Grampy, giving the little green car some more gas.

Grampy was able to get Santa Claus and his sleigh out of the snow with his little green car.

“That is a mighty nice car you have there,” said Santa Claus.

“Gee,” said Grampy. “You think so?”

“Yes,” said Santa. “I’ve been wanting to get a car for a few years now. I kind of like yours.”

“Well,” said Grampy. “This car isn’t for sale.”

“It is okay,” said Santa. “I’ll have my elves build me one.”

“Cool,” said Grampy. “I’d really like to see that.”

“Tell you what,” said Santa. “Why don’t you come up to the North Pole for a visit and then you could help the elves build it?”

“Really,” said Grampy. “That would be fun.”

“Okay,” said Santa. “I’ll contact you this spring and we’ll build my car. By the way, thank you for getting me out of the snow.”

“You are welcome,” said Grampy.

Grampy went home and didn’t give Santa Claus another thought. However, Santa Claus never forgot a promise. He called Grampy that next spring and had Grampy to his castle to help the elves build him a car. Grampy had a riot with Santa Claus and his elves and they made plans to build a truck next spring.

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