Hillbilly Bob

There is a young fella by the name of Hillbilly Bob. Now, Hillbilly Bob is a rather nice young fella. In fact, he is so nice that often times people take advantage of him.

“Hey Hillbilly Bob,” said Frank, a young ranch hand that was an acquaintance of Hillbilly Bob’s. “You going to that there dance this Friday night.”

“Thinkin’ about it,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I don’t have a date though.”

“Well,” said Frank. “I got myself two dates. What say I give you one of them if you can borrow your daddy’s car?”

“Sure,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I’ll pick you up at 7.”

Friday night rolled around and Hillbilly Bob was dressed in his Sunday best when he showed up at Franks.

“My don’t you look spiffy,” said Frank, when he saw Hillbilly Bob. “Too bad your date can’t make it.”

Frank jumped into the back seat of the car with his date before Hillbilly Bob could say a word to him.

“So how come my date couldn’t come?” asked Hillbilly Bob, while he pulled out of Frank’s driveway.

“Well,” said Frank. “She was sick.”

“I see,” said Hillbilly Bob, with a hurting sound to his voice.

Hillbilly Bob drove Frank and his date to the dance and then let them out at the front door.

“I’m gonna park the car,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Hillbilly Bob got the car parked and then a thought came into his head. He decided right then and there that he wasn’t going to let people just walk all over him anymore. He got back into the car and drove home.

The next day, Frank stopped by to see him at work.

“What happened to you?” asked Frank. “I ended up having to walk all the way home last night.”

“You never had a date for me in the first place,” said Hillbilly Bob. “You just wanted a ride to the dance.”

“Well,” said Frank. “That isn’t so.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“Oh alright,” said Frank. “I just wanted a ride to the dance. Oh, and by the way, there’s a party in town tonight.”

“Well you’ll be walking,” said Hillbilly Bob, walking away.

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