A Helping Turtle

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Tuffy Turtle, as he walked along the road.

Tuffy Turtle loved spring and he loved going for walks. He was just like any other turtle. He always took his time.

“I see Ant up ahead,” said Tuffy. “It looks like he is struggling with something.”

Tuffy walked over to where Ant was. Ant had a huge green leaf on the ground beside him. The leaf was one of the biggest Tuffy had ever seen and it was a beautiful looking leaf. It looked like Ant was struggling with it.

“You do know that leaf is much bigger than you are,” said Tuffy.

“I do know that,” said Ant. “However, this leaf is gorgeous. I love it and I want it.”

“I could help you carry it,” said Tuffy. “I don’t like to see you struggling with it.”

“That would be so nice,” said Ant. “That is very nice of you. Wait, you aren’t going to eat that leaf on me. Are you?”

“No,” said Tuffy. “I promise I won’t.”

“Why do you want to help me?” asked Ant, a little suspicious of Tuffy’s motive.

“I am just a helpful turtle,” said Tuffy.

“I like you,” said Ant. “It is a very nice thing you are doing for me.”

“I like you too,” said Tuffy, picking up the leaf and carrying it for Ant.

“I would like to be your friend,” said Ant. “You are very kind.”

“Thank you,” said Tuffy. “We can be friends.”

The two friends walked over to Ant’s hill, which is where he lived and Tuffy gave him his leaf back.

“Thank you friend,” said Ant.

“That is what friends are for,” said Tuffy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to help others.
  • Example: Tuffy Turtle saw Ant struggling with a huge leaf, so he helped him carry it.

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