The Swan that Sings

Two adult swans were swimming in the lake one stormy summer afternoon.

“Dear,” said the male swan. “I don’t like the looks of those clouds out there. Maybe we should get back to the nest. I am sure the children are getting worried.”

“One more swim to the other side and back,” said the female swan.

“How about I head back now,” said the male. “You can go for that swim if you want.”

“No,” said the female. “I will head back now as well.”

“You don’t have to,” said the male. “You are allowed to enjoy yourself.”

“Thank you for that,” said the female. “But I do think I will head back with you.”

Just as the two swans started to head back, they heard a very loud bang of thunder and then they saw the brightest flash of lightning they had ever seen.

“That was so loud and so bright,” said the male.

“It sure was,” said the female.

All of a sudden, the two swans heard the most beautiful sound that they have ever heard in their lives.

“That is so beautiful,” said the male.

“It is,” the female agreed. “It sounds like someone is singing.”

“Yes,” said the male. “It does and it seems to be coming from our nest.”

The two swans swam towards their nest and the sound became louder and more beautiful.

“I have never heard anything sound so beautiful,” said the female.

The two swans saw something that they will never forget. They saw their newly hatched daughter swimming in front of their nest and sh was singing. She had the most beautiful voice that either swan had ever heard.

“That was incredible,” said the male.

“Yes it was,” said the female.

The two swans were in awe of their daughter’s voice. It was the oust beautiful sound they had ever heard.

“I wonder if that thunder and lightning caused her to sing like that,” said the male.

“It must have,” said the female. “It was an absolute miracle.”

Once the storm stopped, the singing stopped as well. However, the next time it stormed the swan sang again.

“It seems the storms are causing our daughter to sing,” said the male.

“Yes,” said the female. “That has to be what it is that is making her sing.”

Soon, lots of people gathered around the nest during bad storms. They wanted to hear the young swan sing.

The two swans were very proud of their daughter and the sudden fame she was experiencing. The people all commented on how the swan was a miracle.

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