Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 14 – Shadow

Dear Diary,

If I had any idea how much fun a little kitten was to have around, I would have gotten one years ago. Shadow has brightened up my life.

I knew that losing Peggy would be hard on me and looking back, I should have prepared myself better. I should have maybe gotten myself another dog so that I wouldn’t be so lonely.

The timing of Shadow coming into my life was more than a coincidence. I think somehow Peggy brought Shadow to me, knowing that I would be devastated without her. However Shadow came to me, his timing was perfect.

For the two days I have had him, he has brought such joy to my life. I never thought I would ever get attached to a cat, but now, I can’t picture my life without him.

Shadow has earned his name. He follows me everywhere I go. If I am in the kitchen, so is he. When I lay down on the sofa, he curls up beside me. Even when I go to bed, he sleeps right beside me.

It is funny because I never thought a cat would ever be so affectionate but it seems that Shadow is more affectionate than Peggy was.

I am very grateful that I have Shadow in my life. He has filled a void that was left when Peggy passed away.


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