Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 13 – Peggy

Dear Diary,

Today was a very sad day. I lost the only friend I have ever known. I lost Peggy, my Corgi, whom I have had for just over twenty years.

I knew I was going to lose her eventually because most dogs only live for about 15 to 18 years old. However, knowing that certainly didn’t make it any easier.

I sat alone in the study and I cried for hours all afternoon. I was so upset that I didn’t hear a whimper at my front door. The whimpering grew louder and louder.

I opened the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, wrapped in a blanket, was a little grey and white kitten. I picked up the blanket and the kitten and brought it into the house. The little kitten loved the attention and affection I gave him. He purred while I scratched him between his ears.

I took the kitten into the kitchen and I gave him something to eat. The little guy was very hungry. After the kitten ate, I went into the study. The little guy followed me. I laid down on the sofa and before I knew it, the kitten had jumped up beside me. We both fell asleep.

The kitten followed me everywhere I went. It was like he was my shadow. I decided I would name him Shadow.

I was grateful for Shadow because he helped me get over the loss of Peggy. He would never take Peggy’s place but he sure did help fill the gap.

I have never really liked cats but I was willing to give Shadow a chance. After all, the little guy had nowhere to go and I sure wasn’t going to let him go. I needed Shadow and he needed me.


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