Father’s Day in Troll Town

“We should plan something special for Father’s Day,” said Mrs. Troll.

“I am in the midst of organizing a huge Father’s Day picnic for the whole town,” said Dianne Troll.

“Oh,” said Mrs. Troll. “How come you are organizing an event for the whole town and not just for Billy, your dad and his dad?”

“For one thing,” explained Dianne. “I know that Billy would never fall for a celebration just for him. So, if the whole town celebrates then we can celebrate too.”

“You are amazing,” said Mrs. Troll, so proud of her daughter-in-law. “So this way our men can have their celebration as well.”

“Exactly,” said Dianne.

Father’s Day came around and Dianne was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the Father’s Day picnic. She looked up and saw Billy playing with their son, Baby Troll.

“Honey,” said Billy. “That is a lot of food you are making. Don’t you think you have enough there to feed an army?”

“I want to make sure there is plenty for everyone,” said Dianne.

“I am pretty sure there is enough for us all,” said Billy.

“I wasn’t just making food for us,” said Dianne. “I am making extra in case some of the other families don’t have enough.”

Billy gave Dianne a kiss on her forehead.

“I am such a lucky guy,” said Billy. “I have such an amazing wife.”

“Go get ready,” said Dianne, noticing Billy was still in his pyjama’s. “We have to get going.”

Billy, Dianne and Baby Troll all arrived at the picnic. They ate their lunch and mingled with the crowd. Dianne got up and thanked everyone for coming.

“Thank you everyone for making this the best Father’s Day celebration for the whole town,” said Dianne. “Now, I want to honour the three men who mean the world to me.”

Dianne sang a beautiful tribute song for her three favourite men for Father’s Day.

Daddy, you have seen me through thick and thin
You have seen me lose and you have seen me win
You have helped me become the woman I am today
Daddy, I love you with all my heart, what more can I say

Daddy Troll, you have watched me fall in love with your son
You have never washed your hands and said you were done
You have instead embraced and accepted me with open arms
Never ever causing an ounce of harm

Billy, you are the love of my life
I am so proud to be you wife
I watch you play with our little boy
I love you so much, my heart is filled with joy

Billy came up on stage and gave Dianne a big kiss and hug.

“That was the nicest Father’s Day gift I could have ever gotten,” said Billy.

“That song meant a lot to me,” said Dianne’s father.

“Me too,” said Billy’s Dad, Mr. Troll.

“I am so proud of you,” said Billy. “Even though you organized this picnic for all the father’s of Troll Town, you managed to honour us as well. You are amazing and I love you with all my heart and soul.”

“Happy Father’s Day,” cried Dianne, giving each of the three men a special hug.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to include other’s in celebrations.
  • Example: Dianne Troll organized a Father’s Day celebration for all father’s in Troll Town.

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