Sprinkles on Groundhog Day

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day … “Now,” said Sprinkles’ Mother. “Your grandmother is expecting this cake. It is cold outside so make sure you dress warm.” “Yes Mother,” said Sprinkles, putting on her winter coat and boots. “I sure wish that winter was over.” “I do too,” said Mother. Sprinkles walked through the forest to her […]

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Sammy Spider

Sammy Spider Fears the Cave

Sammy Spider took a walk through Storyland on a cold and shivery autumn morning. He walked so far that he found himself at the northern edge, the edge where the wildest animals roam, the edge where the trees stop growing and the edge where the darkest night meet the brightest stars. “Oh dear,” said Sammy. […]

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Beatrice Bee

Beatrice Bee Meets Batty

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. It was a cold and damp, rainy day. “I need to get out of the weather,” said Beatrice. Beatrice saw the opening of a cave ahead. She thought it would be a good place to rest and dry off. “Why are you in my cave?” someone screamed. Beatrice was […]

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Christopher Corn

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Today was the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. It was a very rare event. It was quite fascinating to watch. Here in Calgary, Alberta, it was a clear summer day. I sat outside and listened to “Black Hole Sun” by Chris Cornell, while waiting for the eclipse to happen. The sun seemed to be super […]

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Monster Under the Bed

“I am going to bed now,” said six year old Katie, grabbing her favourite pink blanket out of the laundry basket. “Goodnight Katie,” said Mother, giving Katie a kiss. Katie took her blanket upstairs and crawled into bed. She looked out her bedroom window and she could see the moon shining bright. She could see […]

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Batty Meets a Witch

Batty was walking along the country road one Halloween night, after a Halloween party. It was dark and eerie. The moon was shining brightly at the one end of the street, the far end from where Batty was. The moonbeams were spilling out onto the street. Up ahead, where the moon was shining bright, Batty […]

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