Angry Cat Can’t Catch the Mouse

Angry Cat was laying on the kitchen floor when his sister, Harriet, came and laid down beside him.

“Angry Cat,” whispered Harriet. “There is a mouse downstairs. Can you catch it for me, please?”

“Why me?” yelled Angry Cat. “I was having a very nice nap. Why can’t you catch the mouse?”

“I thought you would be nice to me,” said Harriet.

“Why would I be nice to you?” snapped Angry Cat.

Well,” said Harriet. “Remember the other day when you spilled the milk. I didn’t tell Mother it was you that did it.”

“Where is the mouse?” asked Angry Cat, getting up and stretching his legs.

“Downstairs in the basement beside the dryer,” said Harriet.

Angry Cat went downstairs. He looked behind the dryer but he didn’t see a mouse. He was going to go back upstairs but then he saw the mouse come out from behind the washing machine. The mouse stood in the middle of the floor and just stared at Angry Cat. Angry Cat ran up to the mouse and swatted at it. He missed the mouse but he did hit the broom.

“Oh dear,” yelled Angry Cat, watching the broom fall to the floor, making a loud thud.

The mouse ran back over to the washing machine. Angry Cat jumped up onto it and when he saw the mouse move, he jumped down to pounce on it. The mouse saw Angry Cat’s shadow and quickly moved out of the way.

“Why you!” yelled Angry Cat getting up off the floor and chasing the mouse.

The mouse ran under the dryer. Angry Cat ran up to the dryer and because he was so fixated on the mouse, he banged his head.

Angry Cat tried as hard as he could, but he knew that he can’t catch the mouse. He finally gave up and went upstairs. Mother was in the kitchen with Harriet.

“Did you catch the mouse?” asked Harriet.

“Mother,” said Angry Cat, ignoring Harriet. “Remember the milk that was spilled on the floor the other day.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “I remember. It is still a mystery as to how it got there.”

“Angry Cat!” exclaimed Harriet, hissing at him. “What are you doing?”

“It was me that spilled the milk,” admitted Angry Cat.

“Thank you for being honest,” said Mother.

“You can catch your own mouse,” said Angry Cat to Harriet, as he laid back down on the kitchen floor and went to sleep.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to be honest.
  • Example: Harriet wanted Angry Cat to catch a mouse for her. He told mother about the milk he spilled because Harriet threated him.

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