Travelin’ Rick Goes to the Forest in the Autumn

“It is getting colder each day,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself as he went outside. “I almost need my sweater and a pair of gloves.”

Travelin’ Rick took a good look up the street. He saw the leaves were changing colour on the trees. He saw the squirrels scurrying around on the ground trying to gather up as many acorns as they could get.

“It is early autumn and winter is right around the corner,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I think a trip to the forest is in order today.”

Travelin’ Rick went back into the house. He grabbed his sweater and gloves and packed himself a lunch. He then drove to the forest.

It was much cooler in the forest and Travelin’ Rick was very happy that he did bring his sweater and gloves. He put them on, put his lunch in his backpack and started walking.

“It is so beautiful with the leaves changing colour,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself. “Although a forest in the prairies is not quite as beautiful as a maple forest in the eastern provinces of Canada.”

Travelin’ Rick missed living in the eastern provinces during the autumn season. He loved the autumn colours.

“I think next autumn I will have to take a trip back east,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I really miss the autumn colours.”

Travelin’ Rick enjoyed his walk in the forest. The forest was full of wildlife, who were all getting ready for the winter ahead. He saw squirrels, deer and lots of rabbits. He also saw a grey owl, an eagle and several hawks.

“I am glad I went for that walk today,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself that night, before he went to bed. “I love the fresh country air.”

Travelin’ Rick slept really good that night. He was worn out from the walk but it was a good worn out feeling.

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