Trickster’s Autumn Tricks

Trickster poked his furry head from out of the den. He saw the bright autumn leaves. He took a deep breath. The fresh autumn air felt good in his lungs. He could hear his sisters bickering back and forth. He had ten sisters and when they started bickering they made a lot of noise.

“I need to play a trick on my sisters,” said Trickster. “I need a good autumn trick.”

Trickster thought about telling his sisters that they were ugly but then he remembered the time he called a spider ugly and hurt it’s feelings. He didn’t want to hurt his sisters feelings.

Trickster thought and thought but he couldn’t think of a trick he could play on them that would not hurt them.

“Hi Trickster,” said Fred Fox, his friend, who was out for a walk.

“Hi Fred,” said Trickster. “I need a trick I can play on my sister, a good autumn trick.”

“How about hiding in a big pile of leaves?” suggested Fred. “Then, when they jump in it, you can jump out and scare them.”

“I like that idea,” said Trickster. “Thank you.”

Trickster grabbed the rake and he raked up all the leaves he could find. He had a huge pile of leaves in the middle of the yard. He jumped into the pile of leaves and waited for his sisters to come outside.

“Where are they?” Trickster asked himself about an hour later. “I am surprised it is taking so long for them to come outside.”

Trickster waited for another few minutes. He stuck his head out from the pile of leaves. He saw his sisters in the den, sitting at the kitchen table. He reached up to a big branch that was above his head. The branch made a lot of noise and Trickster saw his sisters get up from the table. He quickly hid back down in the pile of leaves.

“Look at the pile of leaves,” said Isabella, Trickster’s youngest sister.

“Let’s go play in them,” said Frannie, his oldest sister.

The ten sisters ran and jumped into the pile of leaves. Trickster jumped up and his sisters were scared.

“I played a good autumn trick on you,” said Trickster, laughing.

Mother came outside because she heard all the noise that Trickster and his sisters were making. She saw the pile of leaves.

“What is all the commotion about?” asked Mother.

With all the laughing, nobody could hear her. She jumped into the pile of leaves as well. All her children laughed when they saw their mother in the leaves with them.

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