Hello everyone! My name is Colour Kid. In this story, I am going to discuss the colour blue.

Now, the colour blue just happens to be my favourite colour. I find it to be soothing and relaxing and as a matter of fact if I see something that is blue in colour, I will stop and take a second and maybe third look at it.

One thing that I love that is blue is the sky. There is nothing like seeing a clear blue sky on a nice warm day. A blue sky is very pleasing to the eye and therefore very nice to look at. A blue sky brings a feeling of warmth to my whole body.

Another thing that is blue that I love is clear blue water, especially the clear blue water at a base of a tall mountain. Whenever I see water in a lake that is blue, I always take a good look at it. Now, I’m not talking about the dark blue waters that we sometimes see in bigger lakes, like the Great Lakes in Canada. The blue colour I’m talking about is the icy blue colour. The colour of mountain lakes holds a very special place in my heart. I absolutely love that colour of blue.

I also love the blue colour of old faded blue jeans. I’m not talking about a brand new pair of jeans but a pair of jeans that have been worn for a few years and have that soft blue colour to them. They have character and just looking at them makes you want to wear them forever because they look so comfortable.

I love the blue colour of a bluebird. I have seen several bluebirds in my travels through the grasslands lately and they are so beautiful. The colour of blue on their bodies and wings are a rich blue colour. It makes it so easy to spot a them sitting on a fence or a tree because of their colour. I love their colour of blue.

Another bird that I love is a blue jay and the reason for that is because of the blue that they have on them. They are not as rich in colour as the bluebird, but a softer blue colour. I love blue jays. I used to see a lot of blue jays living in Ontario, Canada but I don’t see as many living out here in British Columbia. In British Columbia we have stellar jays. They are more the colour of the bluebird, but not as rich of a blue. Stellar jays are actually quite large birds compared to the bluebird and blue jays.

Some people have blue coloured eyes and I love blue eyes. That could be because my own eyes are blue. However, the nicest colour of blue eyes I have ever seen are icy blue. I love icy blue eyes. It is a really soft and delicate colour for eyes.

There are a lot of things that are blue to look at and enjoy looking at in this world. I think that the world would definitely not be a very nice place to live if we didn’t have the colour blue to enjoy!


Moral of this Story:

  • Blue is a soothing and relaxing colour.
  • Example: Blue is one of Colour Kid’s favourite colours. It helps him relax when he looks at a clear blue sky.

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