Harvest Moon

It was a warm autumn day. The sun was shining bright and the leaves on the trees had already turned colour.

“What a beautiful autumn day,” said Lonely Scarecrow, sitting on his fence post.

“It sure is,” said Lonely Scarecrow’s co-worker, Dallas, coming to relieve Lonely Scarecrow from his duty. “I sure wish I had today off.”

“If you want,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I will cover your shift for you. So, go enjoy the day off with your family.”

“Are you sure?” asked Dallas.

“Yes,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I am sure.”

Lonely Scarecrow didn’t mind covering Dallas’ shift for him. It was a beautiful day and he could enjoy the beauty of the autumn day around him. Besides, he knew something nobody else did. He knew there was going to be a harvest moon in the sky that evening and he wanted to be the first to see it.

Lonely Scarecrow waited patiently on his fence post. As the day wore on, the sun became warmer and Lonely Scarecrow could feel the rays of the sun beating down on him. He was very warm but he didn’t care. He was still excited to see the harvest moon.

“There it is!” Lonely Scarecrow pointed to the bright golden object in the sky. “It sure is beautiful.”

The next morning, Dallas showed up to relieve Lonely Scarecrow.

“Did anything exciting happen last night?” asked Dallas.

“Just the harvest moon,” said Lonely Scarecrow.

“I always seem to miss it,” said Dallas.

“Then you shouldn’t have taken the day off work,” said Lonely Scarecrow, laughing.

“I suppose you are right,” said Dallas.


Moral of this Story:

  • Harvest moons are something not to be missed.
  • Example: Dallas missed seeing the Harvest Moon because he traded shifts with Lonely Scarecrow.

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