“My!” exclaimed Mary, seeing her husband, Veteran Phil, all dressed up in his military uniform with all his medals displayed proudly on his chest. “You look dashing! Your military uniform brings back so many memories of when we first met.”

“Good memories I hope,” laughed Veteran Phil.

“Always,” said Mary. “Now come. We don’t want to be late for the Remembrance Day service.”

At the Remembrance Day service, Veteran Phil had a lot of time to reflect on the time he had served in World War II. He remembered how there were times he didn’t think he was going to make it out alive. He remembered his friends, especially the ones he lost in combat.

“Life is unfair,” said Veteran Phil to Mary, as he squeezed her hand.

“Yes,” said Mary, knowing Remembrance Day is a rough day for Veteran Phil. “It sure is.”

Veteran Phil and Mary walked hand in hand, in silence, after the service.

“Veteran Phil,” someone called out. “Is that you?”

Veteran Phil turned around and was surprised to see Joyce Winters. She was the wife of his best friend, Timmy, who had fought beside him in the trenches in World War II. Sadly, Timmy was one of the young men that didn’t make it home.

“Joyce,” cried Veteran Phil. “It is so nice to see you. I am glad you made it to the service.”

“I am too,” said Joyce, giving both Veteran Phil and Mary a warm hug.

“Timmy would have loved this,” said Veteran Phil.

“Absolutely,” said Joyce.

Veteran Phil and Mary invited Joyce to their house for a cup of coffee. They had a good talk about the war, about the sacrifice Timmy and others made and about life after the war.

“I never remained,” said Joyce.” I raised our children and kept living but Timmy has always been in my mind, soul and heart.”

“Mine too,” said Veteran Phil, putting his hand up to his chest.

Veteran Phil had a good talk with Joyce and they both felt that Timmy was watching over them, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • Remembrance Day is a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
  • Example: Veteran Phil remembered his best friend, Timmy, who fought beside him in the trenches of World War II but didn’t make it home.

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