Stand Up to Bullies with Little Crow

“You are so weak,” yelled Little Crow’s cousin, Jake. “You can’t even lift that bag of worms up to Grandma.”

“I’m not weak,” said Little Crow. “That bag is heavy.”

Try as he might, Little Crow couldn’t lift the bag of worms off the ground.

“Little Crow is a weakling,” said Jake. “He can’t pick up a bag of worms! What a weakling!”

Jake kept teasing Little Crow. The more he teased him, the angrier Little Crow got. The angrier Little Crow got, the more determined he was to pick up the bag of worms.

“Grandma needs those worms now,” said Jake. “Let me take them to her.”

“Not a chance,” said Little Crow.

With every ounce of strength in him, Little Crow tugged and tugged at the bag. He got it up off the ground and he didn’t stop until he set it down on Grandma’s kitchen counter.

“Let me guess,” said Grandma, seeing the struggle on Little Crow’s face. “Jake was teasing you again.”

“Yes,” said Little Crow. “He was.”

Grandma opened the bag and in with the worms was a heavy rock.

“I wonder how that got in there,” said Little Crow.

“I have a good idea,” said Grandma.

A few minutes later, Jake came into the kitchen.

“Be a dear,” said Grandma to Jake. “Can you bring that bag of worms to the table for me?”

“Ask Little Crow to do it?” asked Jake.

“I am asking you to do it,” said Grandma.

“I am busy,” said Jake.

“Little Crow brought them all the way from outside for me,” said Grandma. “The least you could do is carry them a few feet.”

“Fine,” said Jake.

Jake tried to lift the bag off the counter but he couldn’t budge them.

“Who put the rock in the bag?” asked Jake, looking inside the bag.

“I wonder,” said Grandma, glaring at Jake.

“It was just a joke between Little Crow and I,” said Jake.

“It was a very cruel joke,” said Grandma. “Just for that you can take the worms out of the bag, one at a time and put them on the table.”

“I can’t,” said Jake. “I have my friends waiting for me.”

“Your friends can just wait a little longer,” said Grandma. “You aren’t going anywhere until the worms are on the table.”

Jake had learned his lesson. He never did that to Little Crow ever again.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to bully someone.
  • Example: Little Crow was tired of being bullied from his cousin, Jake.

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