Food Fighters Concert In Calgary, Alberta

“You on your way to Calgary?” asked Christopher Corn.

“I am,” said Farmer Fred. “Is everything all set to go here?”

“Absolutely,” said Christopher. “While I do wish that I could join my best buddies Dave and Taylor on stage tonight,” said Christopher. “I am here in Loud Garden with the Fresh Veggie Family. I made my choice to leave my life on Earth. I regret my actions. However, I cannot change what I have done.”

“True,” said Farmer Fred. “We must make the most of it.”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “Very true. Calvin Carrot is gathering everyone here in Loud Garden.”

“So by everyone you mean Mrs. Tomato, Cameron Cauliflower, Olive Onion and Oliver Onion,” said Farmer Fred.

“Yes,” said Christopher. “But also Chard Benning, Dandelion C., Dolly Cranberry, Gourd, LiMa Bean Young, Melon T. and Tommy Potato.”

“Sweet,” said Farmer Fred.

“We are going to show the Foo Fighters how to rock,” laughed Christopher. “Do you think they will hear us?”

“We are going to give it our best shot,” said Farmer Fred.

“And if I know Dave and Taylor,” laughed Christopher. “They will hear us.”

“This is going to be a lot of food here singing,” said Farmer Fred.

“I am hoping that we play so loud here in Loud Garden,” said Christopher. “That Dave and Taylor will stop their concert in Calgary tonight and listen to us. It will be the Foo Fighters on Earth versus The Food Fighters here in Loud Garden.”

“Yes,” laughed Farmer Fred.

Everyone in Loud Garden was ready and at precisely 7 pm, they all started singing as loud as they could. Meanwhile, Farmer Fred was at the Saddledome in Calgary waiting for the Foo Fighters to come on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the announcer. “Please give the Foo Fighters a warm Calgarian welcome.”

Dave, Taylor and the rest of the band came on stage and started playing. The crowd went crazy.

A few songs in, Dave stopped the band and walked up to the microphone.

“This next song is for Chris, Chester and everyone else we have lost recently,” said Dave. “I know they can hear us in that great garden in the sky.”

“They can!” screamed Farmer Fred. “And if we listen close, I am sure we can hear them singing along with you!”

Dave started singing his song “My Hero” and halfway through he stopped singing. The band went silent and everyone in the Saddledome was quiet. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

“Listen,” said Dave into the microphone, “I can hear them. I can hear Chris, Chester and the rest of them.”

“They are the FOOD Fighters,” yelled Farmer Fred.

“Awesome!” exclaimed Dave, wiping tears from his eyes. “Love you Chris and Chester!”

“They love you too!” cried Farmer Fred.


Moral of this Story:

  • People we have lost and are in heaven can hear us.
  • Example: The Foo Fighters could hear the Food Fighters in Loud Garden (heaven).
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