Dancing on Halloween Night with Beastly

“It is Halloween night,” said Beastly. “I think I am going to go outside to the cornfield.”

Beastly put on his tuxedo. He stood in the mirror and brushed out his big long donkey ears. He didn’t like his ears because they made him different than everyone else.

“It is okay to be different,” his mother always told him.

Beastly went outside to the cornfield. It was very cold but there was a full moon.

“It is always cold in Winnipeg,” said Beastly, pulling his tuxedo jacket in closer. “However, it is beautiful here. There is a full moon. I feel like dancing.”

Beastly started to dance. He was having fun. He noticed his neighbour was watching him out of the corner of his eye. He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Oh hi Beastly,” said Nancy, his neighbour. “Please don’t stop dancing. I want to dance too.”

“I don’t know,” said Beastly. “I am kind of shy.”

“Don’t be,” said Nancy. “I saw you dance. You are good at it.”

“Thank you,” said Beastly. “Truth is, I don’t want anyone watching me. I am embarrassed about my ears. I don’t like them.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Nancy.” Look, everyone is different.”

“You aren’t,” said Beastly.

“That is nice of you to say,” said Nancy. “However, I am different. I am too fat.”

“I don’t think so,” said Beastly. “When I look at you, I see a beautiful person.”

“That is what I see when I look at you,” said Nancy.

“Really,” said Beastly.

“Yes really,” said Nancy.

“Don ‘t my ears stand out?” asked Beastly.

“I never even noticed them,” said Nancy.

“Would you like to dance?” asked Beastly.

“I would love to be dancing on Halloween night,” said Nancy.

Both Beastly and Nancy had a lot of fun dancing. Nancy made Beastly feel better about himself and Beastly made Nancy feel better about herself.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to make people feel good about themselves.
  • Example: Beastly made Nancy, his neighbour, feel better about herself.

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