Summer Dreams

“You know,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I have always dreamt that summers would be full of days at the beach, endless picnics and lots of swimming but instead they are full of days of cleaning, endless laundry and lots of dishes.”  

“We need to fix that,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I want your dreams to come true.” 

“We just don’t have the money,” said Poor Mountain Mother. 

“Money isn’t really the issue,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It doesn’t’ cost anything to spend the day at the beach.” 

“No,” said Poor Mountain Mother, thinking about what Poor Mountain Father had just said. “You are right. It wouldn’t cost us anything to go to the beach.” 

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Pack up a picnic lunch and let’s go to the beach. It is a beautiful summer day and besides, I think we all could live out our summer dreams.” 

Poor Mountain Mother packed up some sandwiches, juice and fresh fruit for their picnic lunch while Poor Mountain Father got the children ready to go. 

“Make sure you have your swim suits,” said Poor Mountain Father. 

The Poor Mountain Family got into their van and drove to the beach. They were lucky because they got there so early that there was nobody else there. 

Poor Mountain Mother wanted to go for a swim before eating their lunch. 

“Good idea,” said Poor Mountain Father, setting the picnic basket down on the picnic table. “It is a bit too early to eat lunch and I wouldn’t mind going for a swim first either.” 

“The water is way too cold,” said Poor Mountain Sister, sticking her foot in the water. 

Poor Mountain Brother waded out into the water up to his knees and then turned and ran back toward the shore. 

“What is wrong?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, who was just about to jump into the water off a dock. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “That water is way too cold.” 

“Nonsense,” said Poor Mountain Mother, diving into the water. 

Once she reached the water and felt the coldness of it, she screamed. 

“That is way too cold,” said Poor Mountain Mother, scrambling to reach the dock and getting out of the water as fast as she could. 

“What is wrong with all of you?” Asked Poor Mountain Father, running up the dock and diving into the ice cold water. 

Poor Mountain Father didn’t say a word as he too got out of the water as quickly as he could. 

“Let’s eat,” said Poor Mountain Mother. 

The Poor Mountain Family walked back over to the picnic table and were shocked to see their picnic basket was torn open. Their lunch was half-eaten and they saw the tail end of the culprit heading into the trees. 

“That blasted bear,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I guess I should have left the picnic basket in the van until we were ready to eat.” 

“This isn’t exactly what I dreamt my summer dream would be,” laughed Poor Mountain Mother. 

“I would imagine not,” said Poor Mountain Father, driving home. 

“I think I will give up on my summer dreams,” said Poor Mountain Mother. 

“Oh no you won’t,” said Poor Mountain Father, turning into the parking lot of a diner. “I am taking you out for lunch.” 

The Poor Mountain Family had a very nice lunch together. They laughed about their swim and their picnic lunch. 

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Mother as they were driving home. “Sometimes dreams don’t come true and even though my summer dream did not, I still had a good time with my beautiful family.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes dreams don’t come true.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Mother had summer dreams of spending time at the beach not doing housework.

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