Fawn and Spot Go Fishing

“Hey Spot,” said Fawn, sitting on the floor in his room in the barn. “Want to go fishing?”

Spot took one look at Fawn and shook her head. Fawn was trying to some new line on his fishing pole but instead he got it completely tangled up all around him.

“Are we trying to catch ourselves?” laughed Spot, helping Fawn unravel himself.

“Funny,” said Fawn.

“Anyway,” said Spot. “Where did you want to go fishing?”

“There’s a nice quiet spot just around the mountain,” said Fawn.

“Okay,” said Spot. “I know where it is. It is a fair hike up there though. Why don’t I make us a picnic lunch?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Fawn.

While Spot prepared lunch, Fawn finished getting his fishing rod together. Within half an hour together. Within half an hour, Fawn and Spot started up the trail toward the lake.

It was a beautiful day. It was very hot in the sun, but Fawn and Spot were able to find a nice shady spot by the lake and because it was kind of off the beaten track, it was very quiet and peaceful.

Fawn put his line in the water and about ten minutes later, he caught a nice sized trout.

“Look Spot,” said Fawn, holding it up so Spot could see it. “I caught one!”

Spot took a picture of Fawn holding up the fish.

“Now,” said Fawn. “What will I do with it?”

“What do you mean?” asked Spot.

“Well,” said Fawn. “What do I do with the fish?”

“There’s actually two things you could do with it,” said Spot. “You can keep it and we can take it home and eat it or you can let it go back into the lake.”

Before Fawn could make up his mind what he was going to do with the fish, the fish wriggled itself off the hook and jumped back into the lake.

“Looks like the fish decided for you,” said Spot laughing.

Fawn and Spot fished for awhile longer and then they had their picnic lunch. They each kept one good sized trout and took it home with them to eat later but they were no where near as nice as the first one that Fawn caught.

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