Thanksgiving at the Cottage

I remember having Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents at their cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. I remember the autumn leaves falling into the lake. I remember a cool wind blowing across my cheeks and I remember it feeling refreshing. I wasn’t worried about getting cold because I had on a white cable knit sweater that I […] Read More

Autumn Elf and the Falling Autumn Leaves

“Have you looked out the window this morning?” asked Stella, Autumn Elf’s younger sister. “I did earlier,” said Autumn Elf. “I think you better take another look,” said Stella, not believing what she was looking at. “There is something strange going on.” “Oh my!” exclaimed Autumn Elf, seeing what Stella was looking at. “What is […] Read More

Tiki Bug’s Autumn Smile

Five year old, Stephanie was playing in the park. It was a blustery autumn day and Stephanie was cold. She saw her mother talking to her neighbour and didn’t want to disturb her. She walked over to the picnic table they were sitting at and she grabbed her jacket. While putting her jacket on, she […] Read More

Trickster’s Autumn Tricks

Trickster poked his furry head from out of the den. He saw the bright autumn leaves. He took a deep breath. The fresh autumn air felt good in his lungs. He could hear his sisters bickering back and forth. He had ten sisters and when they started bickering they made a lot of noise. “I […] Read More

Autumn Colours

Colour Kid was walking through a forest in Eastern Ontario. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. He stopped in a clearing and stood looking around him. He was mesmerized by the beauty of the autumn colours. “I just can’t believe how beautiful the colours of the leaves are in autumn,” said Colour Kid. “There […] Read More

Autumn Leaves

Hey kids, please join me on my latest adventure. I want to see some autumn leaves. Travelin’ Rick grabbed his camera and a picnic lunch and headed out in his car. He headed north and travelled up from Kingston, Ontario to Sharbot Lake, Ontario which was about 45 minutes away. Once in Sharbot Lake, Travelin’ […] Read More


Autumn moon shining bright On a cool and windy night See you there so proud and vain I hope that I’ll see you again Autumn leaves fall to the ground Every colour I have found Yellow, orange, brown and red Oh look, one fell on my head Autumn crops are ready now Store the corn […] Read More