Caveman Jack’s Great Inventions – The Rake

It was a windy autumn day. Caveman Jack was standing outside of his cave, watching the leaves blowing. He had a ton of leaves piled up against the east side of his cave because the wind kept blowing them around. For some reason, they all ended up on that side of the cave.

“That is a lot of leaves,” said Caveman Jack’s Mother. “I do wish we had a way to clean them up. The broom does do a fairly decent job but it is really hard when the leaves are wet.”

“I have noticed that too,” said Caveman Jack. “I will figure something out.”

Caveman Jack was very good at inventing tools. He has come up with numerous great inventions. He was always thinking of ways to simplify his chores. He always said that if you have the right tools, it makes life so much more enjoyable.

Caveman Jack spent the next few hours trying to think of a way to clean up all the autumn leaves. He saw his father with a pitchfork and he thought that a pitchfork would be the perfect tool.

At first, Caveman Jack tried to jab the leaves with the pitchfork but the leaves would just fall off it. He then decided to drag the pitchfork along the ground. That was putting some of the leaves into a pile. However, it was getting enough of them.

“It needs more forks,” said Caveman Jack.

Caveman Jack went into the cave. He took a piece of charcoal and he sketched out his idea on the cave wall.

“What kind of tool is that?” asked Father, when he saw Caveman Jack’s drawing.

“It is for raking up all the leaves outside,” said Caveman Jack.

“Oh,” said Father, impressed. “I think it will rake up the leaves just fine. Good job, son.”

“Rake,” said Caveman Jack. “That is what I will call it.”

That afternoon, Caveman Jack and Father worked at building a rake. Once it was finished, Caveman Jack put the rake to the test. In no time at all, Caveman Jack had raked up a huge pile of leaves. His new greatest invention worked perfectly.

“Excellent work,” said Father.

Both Father and Caveman Jack looked at the huge pile of leaves. They just couldn’t help themselves. They both jumped into it.

“Now,” said Caveman Jack. “That was fun!”

“It sure was,” said Father, brushing the leaves out of his hair.

“We could use the rake to brush your hair with,” laughed Caveman Jack.

“Stick to building rakes for the leaves,” said Father. “There is no way that a rake is going through my hair.”

“Wait,” said Caveman Jack. “If I made a smaller rake, one that would fit in my hand and used bristles instead of the forks, then you could use it to brush your hair.”


Moral of this Story:

  • If you have a great idea, try to develop it.
  • Example: Caveman Jack invented the rake because there was a lot of leaves outside to clean up.

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