Little Crow is Afraid of the Wind

It was a very windy day and Little Crow was sitting on a branch of a tree.

“I can’t believe how windy it is today,” said Little Crow. “The wind is swaying and it is going to knock me off. I need to find some shelter.”

Little Crow is a very small crow and because he is so small, he is very light in weight. By sitting on the branch he was sitting on, it put him in danger.

“Little Crow,” Little Crow heard a familiar voice from behind him. “What are you doing on that branch? You are going to get hurt.”

“I know that,” said Little Crow scared.

“Get yourself off it,” laughed his cousin, Jake.

“I would if I could,” said Little Crow. “I am too light to fly.”

“How come you always get yourself in a strange situation?” Jake laughed even harder.

Grandmother just happened to see Little Crow swaying on the tree branch. She could see that he was in danger. She also saw Jake with him.

“I bet Jake is teasing poor Little Crow about being afraid of the wind,” said Grandmother, angrily.

Grandmother flew close to where Little Crow was. She didn’t say a word to Jake. She just glared at him. Jake knew he was in trouble.

“Little Crow,” said Grandmother. “I am going to fly above you and try to shield the wind for you. We will then fly down to one of the thicker branches.”

Grandmother’s plan worked perfectly. She was able to help Little Crow get to a safer place where he would be able to wait out the storm.

Once the storm was over, Little Crow went home with Grandmother. She made him a big pot of warm soup. It was so good that Little Crow had a second serving.

While Little Crow was eating his second bowl of soup, Jake came by.

“I see you are safe,” said Jake.

“No thanks to you,” said Grandmother, angrily. “You know, in the time that you were teasing Little Crow about being afraid of the wind, you could have helped him to safety. I am ashamed of you.”

Grandmother had never told Jake that she was ashamed of him. He was really hurt by what she said.

“I am sorry,” said Jake, tears stinging his eyes. “I know I should have helped Little Crow. I shouldn’t have teased him about being afraid of the wind. Little Crow, please forgive me.”

“I do forgive you,” said Little Crow, noticing sincerity in his voice that he had never heard before.

“Here Jake,” said Grandmother, also sensing the sincerity. “Come have a bowl of soup with us. It will warm you up and make you feel better.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is time to change our way of thinking when someone we love tells us they are ashamed of us.
  • Example: Jake had been teasing his cousin Little Crow instead of helping him out when he needed help.

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