Billy Troll Down with Fall

Billy Troll was in his music studio writing a new song. He wanted his new song to capture how he feels about the autumn season.

“Down with fall,” sang Billy. “And the falling leaves. Every fall season, darkness perceives.”

Billy’s wife, Dianne walked by the studio. She didn’t like his new song. She thought it was dark and sinister. Billy’s songs have always been upbeat. Not liking his song is one thing but she had an even bigger problem. She knew that Billy was going to ask her if she liked it. She could never lie to him so she knew she was going to have to tell him the truth.

“Down with fall,” sang Billy. “Down with fall. Time to take control. Time to see it all.”

Dianne was just going to go into the studio to talk to him but then she saw Mick Troll at the door.

“Oh good,” said Dianne to Mick, letting him in. “Maybe you can talk some sense into Billy.”

“You want me to talk to Billy,” laughed Mick. “You know that he would never listen to anything I would have to say.”

Mick Troll was the lead singer of Billy’s rival band, The Jagged Trolls. Billy has never had much respect for Mick. Mick has done things in the past to both Billy and Dianne.

“I want you to listen to Billy’s new song,” said Dianne.

Dianne walked with Mick to the door of the studio. They quietly entered it.

“Down with fall,” sang Billy. “And the time change. We don’t want our schedules to rearrange. Down with fall and all the dark nights. Although the changing leaves are a beautiful sight.”

“I love it,” said Mick.

“Really,” said Dianne.

“Yes,” said Mick. “It is not Billy’s usual style but you have to give him a break. You have to let him explore his creativeness.”

“You are right,” said Dianne. “I do have to let him be creative.”

“What did you think of my song?” Billy asked when he stepped into the control room with Dianne and Mick.

“I love it,” said Mick.

“I was trying out something new,” said Billy.

“It’s not your normal style,” said Mick.

“What about you honey?” asked Billy. “What do you think of it?”

“I’m not sure,” said Dianne.

“I didn’t really expect you to like it,” said Billy. “It is pretty dark and sinister.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “However, as Mick pointed out to me, I do have to let you explore your creativity.”

“Thank you,” said Billy. “I do appreciate that.”

Dianne heard the song the next time Billy played it and it kind of grew on her.

“I think it needs a female voice to sing the chorus,” said Dianne.

“Really,” said Billy. “And I know just the female voice it needs.”

Billy gave Dianne a big hug and kiss.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to let others explore their creativity.
  • Example: Mick pointed out to Dianne that she had to let Billy explore his creativity.

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