Baby Face Monster’s Windy Day

Baby Face Monster was walking through the forest in Northern Ontario. He came across the clearing where he had first met Ellie. Ellie was a researcher who was researching the disappearance of her father. Ellie’s father had been found deceased, so she had to return back to her home to make funeral arrangements for him. She did promise Baby Face she would return.

When Baby Face reached the clearing, he noticed that a tent had been setup. He knew the tent wasn’t there a few days ago.

“Ellie!” thought Baby Face. “You must have returned. I am so happy!”

As Baby Face approached the tent, a wild autumn wind picked up. Branches from trees nearby were snapping off and falling to the ground. One big branch came down and tore the side of the tent.

Baby Face went over to the tent just to be sure that nobody was inside of it.

“Thank goodness,” said Baby Face, when he saw that the tent was empty except for a few personal belongings.

It did appear that it was a woman who was camping in the clearing. Baby Face had a gut feeling that it was Ellie.

“Ellie!” yelled Baby Face as loud as he could. “Where are you?”

He stood silent for a moment to see if he could hear any cries for help. He yelled again and this time he heard a faint moaning sound. It sounded like it was coming from the south of him, which was on the path that went to his cave.

Quickly, Baby Face ran down the path, shouting Ellie’s name as he went.

“Baby Face!” Ellie screamed when she recognized the voice that had been calling her name. “I am over here. I am by the big rock.”

Baby Face reached Ellie and he was so happy to see her. He gave her a big hug.

“I saw your tent setup in the clearing,” said Baby Face. “When I noticed you weren’t there, I started shouting your name.”

“I am so glad you found me,” said Ellie. “I was on my way to your cave when that bad wind storm hit. I took shelter behind this big rock.”

“Good thinking,” said Baby Face. “By the way, your tent is ruined. A big branch fell on it and tore it up.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Ellie. “Now what will I do? I was going to make that tent my home.”

“You can always come and live with me in my cave,” said Baby Face.

“Well,” said Ellie. “That would make my research project a lot easier.”

“I take it you are here to research me,” said Baby Face.

“Yes,” said Ellie. “I am.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always trust your gut feelings.
  • Example: Baby Face Monster had a gut feeling that Ellie had returned but he was afraid of what may have happened to her.

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