Environment Bug Strikes Again

One hot, summer day, the Environment Bug was walking along the edge of a major highway when he noticed a car that had black smoke coming out from the back of it. The worst of it was that the wind was blowing the smoke right into his face. He started coughing.

The Environment Bug went up to the driver of the car.

“Excuse me,” said the Environment Bug, between coughs. “The exhaust on your car is choking me.”

“And so,” said the driver. “What do I care?”

“You are also polluting the air,” said the Environment Bug.

“And so you think I care,” said the driver. “Look, you little insect. I have things to do today. I’m going to be late for work and if you don’t get out of my way, I’ll have to run you over.”

“I think you’d care if it was your little girl, Angela, breathing in this toxic air,” said the Environment Bug.

“Look,” said the driver, now a little confused. “How do you know about Angela?”

“I’m the Environment Bug,” said the Environmnent Bug. “It’s my job to know these things. Now, doesn’t Angela have problems breathing.”

“Yes,” said the driver. “She does. She has asthma.”

“Did you know that the exhaust on your car is contributing to Angela’s asthma?” asked the Environment Bug.

“No,” said the driver. “I never thought much about it. I think I will go and get my muffler fixed tonight.”

“Why don’t you go get it fixed now?” said the Environment Bug. “It wouldn’t take long.”

“Yes,” said the driver. “I think I will do that. I guess I should have fixed it a long time ago. I just never had the time to do it or more than that I guess, I didn’t want to take the time to do it.”

“I see,” said the Environment Bug. “What will you do the next time you need to get something fixed on your car?”

“I will get it fixed right away,” said the driver.

“I think you are now learning to be more caring about the environment and the world around us,” said the Environment Bug.

“Yes,” said the driver. “I am and I guess that everyone should take a more active role in what is going on around us.”

“That is true,” said the Environment Bug. “We only have one earth and one environment to live in and we only get one chance with it. If we continue to destroy the earth and our environment, we will end up destroying everything we have.”

“That is true,” said the driver. “Well, I have to go now and get my muffler fixed.”

“Okay,” said the Environment Bug. “Good luck and safe, clean driving.”

The next morning the Environment Bug saw the same driver driving on the highway, only this time there was no black smoke coming from the back of the car.

“Hi, Environment Bug!” said the driver, waving his hand and honking the horn. “I got my car fixed. Then, I even took my wife’s car in to get it fixed because her muffler was in desparate need of repair.”

“I’m so happy,” said the Environment Bug. “But more than that, I think the environment will be even happier.”

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