Golden Eyes

Deep in a dark jungle lived a group of monkeys. These monkeys feared nothing at all except the one known as Golden Eyes.

Golden Eyes was the leader of this group of monkeys, you could say he was their king. Golden Eyes was known to all as a fearsome leader but all he was really trying to do was better the lives of those around him.

“Look,” said Little Ears, a young monkey warrior, to the group. “I am getting fed up with Golden Eyes. We should oust him from leadership immediately.”

“Yes,” said Big Feet, another young warrior. “We are starving and Golden Eyes is doing nothing about it.”

“Little Ears and Big Feet,” said Star, a female member of the group. “Give Golden Eyes a chance.”

“Star,” said Little Ears. “Stay out of this. We all know that you have a love interest in Golden Eyes.”

“Ah,” said Star in disgust. “You are just jealous because I turned your marriage proposal down and whether or not I have a love interest in Golden Eyes is not the issue here. Golden Eyes sent scouts out yesterday in search for food. I’m betting that the scouts will be back before tonight with news of food.”

“Well,” said Little Ears. “Big Feet and I know for a fact that the scouts will not be back. Not ever!”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Star. “What have you done with the scouts?”

“Big Feet,” said Little Ears. “Go get Golden Eyes scouts.”

Big Feet went into a cave a few yards away and came back with five monkey scouts.

“Ha ha ha!” laughed Star, when she saw the five scouts that Big Feet brought before her. “Those five scouts are just decoys. Golden Eyes knew you would try something mean and nasty. He has ten more scouts out in the jungle right now as we speak.”

“These are what!” exclaimed Little Ears, enraged.

“Decoys,” said Star, smiling.

“Look Little Ears,” said Banana Toes, a junior warrior. “Leave Star alone. We all know that Golden Eyes will find us food. He has never let us down and I don’t think that he ever will.”

“Oh come on!” exclaimed Little Ears. “Star and Golden Eyes have you brainwashed!”

“Well,” said Aged Monkey, the elder of the tribe. “He doesn’t have me or anyone else in this tribe brainwashed. If Golden Eyes has sent out scouts to look for food for us, they will find food.

They always have under Golden Eyes’ rule and they always will.”

Little Ears could not be disrespectful to Aged Monkey because that would mean permanent banishment from the tribe.

“Okay,” said Little Ears. “I will give Golden Eyes until midnight tonight to find food or I will oust him out leadership for good.”

“Fair enough,” said Aged Monkey. “We will wait until midnight tonight.”

A few hours later Star rushed toward Golden Eyes den.

“They’ve arrived,” she screamed with delight. “The scouts are back!”

“Just as I thought,” said Golden Eyes. “Now if they bring good news with them, you will be my Queen.”

Star sat with fingers crossed waiting for the scouts to make their way to Golden Eyes cave. Within minutes she had her answer. The scouts had found food, a half a days trip away.

“I’d like to make an announcement,” said Golden Eyes, amid cheers. “I want to say to each and everyone of you that I am going to marry Star, once we get settled in our new location.”

“This is cause for celebration,” said Aged Monkey.

“I agree,” said Little Ears. “I see that Golden Eyes has come through for us once again. Golden Eyes is a true leader and I hope he and Star are very happy!”

“Now,” said Aged Monkey. “You are a true hero, also!”

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