Mr. Winter is Jealous

“It is a nice winter day,” said Mr. Winter, taking Victoria’s hand in his. “I am enjoying this walk,” said Victoria. “There is a slight warmth to the air. It feels good.” “I can turn the temperature up for you,” said Mr. Winter. “Actually this is perfect,” said Victoria. “It is winter and we should […] Read More

Daddy Pea Pod is Jealous

“What is that little man doing out there in the field?” asked Daddy Pea Pod. “Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy Pea Pod. “That little man is a leprechaun.” “It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “He is dancing,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “He looks adorable.” “What do you mean he looks adorable?” asked Daddy […] Read More

Hillbilly Bob’s Valentine’s Date

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” Hillbilly Bob’s friend, Pete, asked him. “I don’t know yet,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I thought I might ask Teresa Ann if she wanted to go for dinner.” “She is busy Valentine’s Day,” said Pete. “How do you know what her plans are?” asked Hillbilly Bob, angrily. “I asked […] Read More

Tiki Bug’s Christmas Smile

“Stephanie,” said Mother, one night after dinner. “You need to write your letter to Santa. Why don’t you do it now? Christmas isn’t that far away.” “Okay,” said Stephanie. Stephanie went up to her room and grabbed some paper and a pencil. She sat down at the kitchen table and began to write her letter. […] Read More

“J” is for Jingle

“I want everyone to have a joyful Christmas this year,” said Alphabet Allie to her friend Jan. “‘J’ is for joyful.” “That would be nice,” said Jan. “But that just sounds like a lot of work. “‘J’ is for just.” “Yes,” said Allie. “It is a lot of work but if you be great if […] Read More

Little Crow is Afraid

Little Crow was sitting on a fence post in the prairies. It was a cold autumn day and he needed to find a warm place to sit. He knew though, that his cousin Jake was just going to bully him. Little Crow hurt his wing a few days ago and he was having a hard […] Read More

Grampy’s Little Green Car is Jealous

Grampy was in his garage one warm summer morning. He was cleaning out the garage. Grampy’s Little Green Car was watching him.    “Grampy always keeps himself busy,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car to himself. “It is nice to spend time with him. I love Grampy very much.”    Grampy swept the garage floor and […] Read More

Bobby the Butcher

“Where is my butcher’s knife?” asked Bobby the Butcher to himself. “I need it. I have to use it for work.” Bobby the Butcher looked all over the house for his butcher’s knife only to find that he had it in his right hand the whole time. “I think I am losing it,” said Bobby. “What […] Read More


“Hey Ice,” said Arrow, one morning just after getting up out of bed. “Let’s play!” “Okay,” said Ice, always wanting a friend to play with, even if that friend is a kitten and even if sometimes that kitten makes him very jealous. Arrow went over to Ice and jumped on his back and then Arrow […] Read More

Princess Anna

Princess Anna lived in a castle in a country far, far away. Princess Anna was twelve years old and was as cute as a button. She wore the fanciest dresses, the prettiest hats, the most fashionable shoes. Some were jealous of Princess Anna and some loved her to death. One day Princess Anna was outside […] Read More