Bobby the Butcher

“Where is my butcher’s knife?” asked Bobby the Butcher to himself. “I need it. I have to use it for work.”

Bobby the Butcher looked all over the house for his butcher’s knife only to find that he had it in his right hand the whole time.

“I think I am losing it,” said Bobby.

“What are you losing?” asked Mother, as she was coming down the stairs.

“My mind,” said Bobby. “I was searching for my butcher’s knife and it was right in my right hand the whole time.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Mother. “Bobby, this isn’t good. That means Aunt Jessica’s spell is working. What can we do?”

“We can’t do anything,” said Bobby. “I have to deal with Aunt Jessica myself. I have to convince her that I am not the monster she thinks I am.”

“I warned you about her,” said Mother, coldly. “Why didn’t you listen to me? She might be your boss, but you can’t let her treat you as if you are a monster. I have some money saved up, lots of it. Why don’t you open your own butcher shop?”

“Maybe it is time for me to do that,” said Bobby.

“That’s my boy,” said Mother. “Your dad would be proud of you. This was always his dream that you own your own butcher shop. He would have been so angry that Jessica took over his and took you away from your dreams but we all know that Jessica was jealous of the success your dad had.”

“I kind of feel sorry for Aunt Jessica,” said Bobby. “Grandpa and Dad were both pretty harsh on her. Grandpa cut her out of the will.”

“Maybe so,” said Mother. “But he didn’t like the fact that she was practising witchcraft.”

“I agree,” said Bobby. “Her witchcraft beliefs have gotten her into a lot of trouble but she just seems to think that she can solve all of her problems by casting a spell.”

“So far that has been working for her,” said Mother.

“We have to show her that she can’t control us with her spells,” said Bobby.

Bobby went to Aunt Jessica’s house after work that evening to tell her that he was opening his own butcher shop.

“Well,” said Aunt Jessica when Bobby told her he was not going to work for her any longer. “Time for another spell.”

“No,” said Bobby, sternly. “No more spells. Aunt Jessica, can’t you see that it is your witchcraft that is causing you all the problems. You might have gained the butcher shop but you lost Grandpa and Dad because of it. You stand a good chance of losing me as well.”

Aunt Jessica broke into tears. She knew Bobby was right. She knew she chose the wrong path.

“How can I fix this mess?” asked Jessica. “I did lose the whole family because of the witchcraft and I did steal the butcher shop away from you with the witchcraft. I don’t want to lose you.”

“I have a solution,” said Bobby. “Come work for me.”

“So even after Grandpa disowned me and then me casting a spell on both you and your dad,” said Aunt Jessica, through tears. “You are ready to trust me by letting me work with you.”

“Yes,” said Bobby. “That is right. I want to put an end to this family feud once and for all.”

“I think it is time,” said Aunt Jessica. “Yes, I will work with you. In fact, why don’t you just take over my shop, or rather the family’s shop?”

“That would be wonderful,” said Bobby. “I would love that.”

“Great,” said Aunt Jessica, handing Bobby the master-key to the store. “We have a deal.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t break the trust of people you love.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher gave his Aunt Jessica a second chance.

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