“J” is for Jingle

“I want everyone to have a joyful Christmas this year,” said Alphabet Allie to her friend Jan. “‘J’ is for joyful.”

“That would be nice,” said Jan. “But that just sounds like a lot of work. “‘J’ is for just.”

“Yes,” said Allie. “It is a lot of work but wouldn’t it be great if everyone could have a joyful Christmas.”

“I agree,” said Jan. “Would you like a slice of jelly roll that I baked today? ‘J’ is for jelly.”

“I would love one,” said Allie.

“My sister Justine is jealous of how good my jelly rolls turned out,” laughed Jan. “‘J’ is for jealous.”

“I saw her jam your jelly roll into the fridge,” said Allie. “‘J’ is for jam.”

“Yes,” said Jan. “I saw that too. She won’t be having a very joyful Christmas, especially if jolly old Santa Claus saw what she did.”

“True,” said Allie. “‘J’ is for jolly. I just heard a jingle so, I am sure Santa saw her.”

“‘J’ is for jingle,” said Jan. “I also saw that Santa took a large slice of my jelly roll.”

“Well,” said Allie, laughing. “He will be having a very jolly Christmas.”

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