Mr. Egghead at the Breakfast Club Restaurant

Mr. Egghead woke up freezing cold. He opened up the egg carton where he lived, opened up the fridge door and stepped out into the lab of the university.

“Professor Edelamn must have turned the temperature down on the fridge last night before he went home,” said Mr. Egghead to himself. “I am so cold.”

Mr. Egghead rolled across the university floor. He hopped up onto the table where Professor Edelamn always keeps a Bunsen burner going. He wanted to warm himself up.

“What are you doing?” screamed Professor Edelamn, when he saw Mr. Egghead standing too close to the burner. “You will explode if you get too warm. There will be bits of hardboiled egg everywhere.”

“Oh,” said Mr. Egghead, backing away from the burner.

“You can talk!” exclaimed Professor Edelamn, happily. “My experiment worked. You have made me a very rich man.”

Professor Edelamn did a little dance. The door to the lab opened and a beautiful female professor walked in.

“Professor Lindley,” said Professor Edelamn, embarrassed that she had seen him dancing. “What brings you into my lab first thing this morning?”

“Have you gotten any of your experiments to work yet?” Professor Lindley asked, sternly. “You know Dean Richards is meeting with the head of the board today to discuss our findings.”

“Has he left already?” asked Professor Edelamn.

“Yes,” said Professor Lindley. “He is at the Breakfast Club Restaurant as we speak.”

Professor Edelamn quickly grabbed Mr. Egghead and was on his way out the lab.

“Wait!” exclaimed Professor Lindley, looking at Mr. Egghead in Professor Edelamn’s hand and sensing something was going on. “That is your science experiment, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” said Professor Edelamn. “I have to go. My experiment worked. I have to get to Dean Richards and let him know before it is too late.”

“I am coming too,” said Professor Lindley.

Professor Edelamn and Professor Lindley ran down the hallway and out the front door of the university. They ran across the front lawn, almost running students over as they went. They ran around the corner and up the block. They pushed the door to the Breakfast Club Restaurant wide open and they saw Dean Richards at the back of the restaurant with Mr. Winslow, the head of the board.

“I am afraid I am going to have to insist that we cut your funding,” said Mr. Winslow.

Professor Edelamn set Mr. Egghead onto the table in front of Mr. Winslow.

“Is this a joke?” asked Mr. Winslow, looking at Professor Edelamn with rage in his eyes. “I didn’t even order a hardboiled egg for breakfast.”

“This better be good professors,” said Dean Richards, glaring at the two professors.

“I am sorry,” said Professor Edelamn. “This hardboiled egg is my science experiment.”

“Great!” exclaimed Mr. Winslow, thoroughly disgusted. “So our funding is being wasted on hardboiled eggs!”

Dean Richards was so angry that he couldn’t even look at Professor Edelamn and Professor Lindley.

“This isn’t just any hardboiled egg,” said Professor Edelamn. “Come on Mr. Egghead. Show these nice people what you can do.”

“Sure,” said Mr. Egghead. “I can talk and I can also walk.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Dean Richards, impressed.

Mr. Winslow just sat there with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

“I looks like you have your funding,” said Mr. Winslow when he was able to speak.

“You won’t regret this,” said Professor Edelamn, shaking both Mr. Winslow and Dean Richard’s hands.

“Please sit down and join us for breakfast,” said Mr. Winslow.

“I am sorry I can’t,” said Professor Edelamn, pointing at Mr. Egghead. “For obvious reasons, I don’t eat breakfast anymore.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Not all experiments are a waste of time.
  • Example: Professor Edelamn’s hardboiled egg experiment was a complete success.

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