Pumpkin Fairy’s Happy Pumpkin Patch

“Good morning my beautiful bride,” said Pumpkin Prince, bringing Pumpkin Fairy a tray with breakfast foods on it.

“Breakfast in bed,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “What did I ever do to deserve this?”

“You agreed to marry me,” said Pumpkin Prince, giving her a kiss. “Now, eat up. We do have a very busy day ahead of us.”

Pumpkin Fairy and Pumpkin Prince just returned to the pumpkin patch from their honeymoon. Today, a beautiful autumn day, is their first day as the new owners of the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Prince bought the pumpkin patch from the previous owner, Linda Patterson. On their wedding day, he overheard Pumpkin Fairy and Linda talking. Pumpkin Fairy didn’t want to leave the pumpkin patch after the wedding so, he bought the pumpkin patch for her.

“Yes,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “Today is our first official day as owners of the pumpkin patch.”

“It certainly is,” said Pumpkin Prince. “Are there any changes you would like to make in the daily operation of it? Do we need to hire more staff?”

“One major change I want to make,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “I want this to be a happy place to work. Linda always ran a pretty strict business. I do understand that in a business profit is the bottom line but I want my employees to be happy.”

“I agree,” said Pumpkin Prince. “I want you to give all employees a twenty percent raise effective immediately. I also think we should change the name from Patterson’s Pumpkin Patch to The Happy Pumpkin Patch.”

“I love it,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “This will be the happiest pumpkin patch in the world.”

“Yes,” said Pumpkin Prince. “And I believe that a happy pumpkin patch is going to make a happy wife.”

“Absolutely,” said Pumpkin Fairy, giving Pumpkin Prince a big hug.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to have happy employees.
  • Example: Pumpkin Fairy wanted her pumpkin patch employees to be happy employees.

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