Tiki Bug’s Christmas Smile

“Stephanie,” said Mother, one night after dinner. “You need to write your letter to Santa. Why don’t you do it now? Christmas isn’t that far away.”

“Okay,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie went up to her room and grabbed some paper and a pencil. She sat down at the kitchen table and began to write her letter.

“What do you want for Christmas this year?” asked Mother.

“I would like that new princess doll,” said Stephanie. “You know, the one with that beautiful blue velvet dress with the white lace on it.”

Just then, Tiki Bug appeared. She walked along the letter that Stephanie was writing.

“Tiki Bug!” exclaimed Stephanie. “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to make you smile,” said Tiki Bug.

“I don’t understand,” said Stephanie. “I am smiling. I am writing my Christmas letter to Santa.”

“I think I know why Tiki Bug is here,” said Mother. “I am afraid that the doll you want for Christmas is much too expensive and I don’t think I can afford it.”

“That isn’t fair,” said Stephanie. “That was the only thing I had on my list. It is the only thing I wanted.”

“Stephanie,” said Tiki Bug, calmly. “You know that your Mother would buy you that doll if she could.”

“Yes,” said Stephanie. “But I really wanted it. My friends said they are getting one.”

“You know,” said Tiki Bug. “I wanted a cupcake doll when I was little. I remember I would dream every night about it and on Christmas morning, I remember being so disappointed because all I got was a plain doll. All my friends got the cupcake doll that they wanted and I was so jealous. About a week after Christmas, however, each one of their cupcake dolls broke.”

“They did!” exclaimed Stephanie, wide-eyed.

“Yes,” said Tiki Bug. “They did and I still, to this day, have my plain doll and I have grown to love her very much.”

Stephanie smiled as she thought of Tiki Bug and her plain doll. She picked up her pencil and scratched out the word princess and wrote the word plain instead. Tiki Bug disappeared.

“Where did Tiki Bug go?” asked Stephanie.

“She made you smile,” said Mother. “I think her job is done for today.”

“Yes she did,” said Stephanie. “Maybe she went home to play with her plain doll.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “Maybe she did.”

Christmas morning came along and Stephanie was so excited. She was thrilled when she opened the gift from her mother. She was expecting a plain doll but what she got was her princess doll.

“Santa Claus must have had to work extra hours,” smiled Mother.

“You worked extra hours too,” said Stephanie, realizing her Mother had worked those extra hours just so she could buy her the doll she wanted for Christmas.

“Yes,” said Mother. “I did work those extra hours but seeing that smile on your face when you opened up your princess doll, made it all worthwhile.”

“Oh Mommy!” exclaimed Stephanie. “Thank you so much! I will take good care of her and I will make sure that she doesn’t get broken.”

“Merry Christmas, Stephanie!” exclaimed Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Jealousy is a terrible thing.
  • Example: Tiki Bug told Stephanie how she was jealous when her friends got a cupcake doll for Christmas and she didn’t get one.

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