Bobby the Butcher’s Glowing Knife

The day of the grand opening of the Brown’s Family Butcher Shop was over. It was a very successful grand opening. Bobby the Butcher was very happy and also exhausted. However, there was something that was nagging at him and he needed to find the answer to it.

“Aunt Jessica,” said Bobby, when he found her alone in the office. “I need to know why my dad’s knife glows.”

Bobby’s mother had given him the knife his dad used to use in the butcher shop before he died. She gave it to him for the grand opening of his shop.

“Did you put a spell on dad’s knife?” asked Bobby.

“No,” said Aunt Jessica. “I haven’t used any witchcraft since we discussed you taking the family butcher shop over.”

“I trust you,” said Bobby.

“I appreciate your trust,” said Aunt Jessica. “I will tell you however, the real story behind that knife.”

“Wonderful,” said Bobby.

Aunt Jessica told Bobby how the knife first belonged to Grandpa. Grandpa had purchased it from a traveling salesman. The traveling salesman had told Grandpa that the knife was special.

She told Bobby that the very first day Grandpa used the knife in the butcher shop, it glowed. Aunt Jessica said that after that knife came into the shop, business boomed.

Just before Grandpa passed away, he gave the knife to Bobby’s dad. When Bobby’s dad picked up the knife for the first time, it still glowed and the business continued to boom.

“I see,” said Bobby. “But something still puzzles me. I seen you with this knife just after Dad passed away. I don’t remember seeing the knife glow.”

“I know,” said Aunt Jessica. “And that really bothered me. However, I saw that traveling salesman. He came into the shop a few days ago. He recognized the knife and he told me that the knife only glowed when it is in the right hands. In other words, I was not the right person to be running this shop.”

“It must have been hard for you to realize that,” said Bobby.

“It was,” said Aunt Jessica. “Once I found out about the knife, I went to see my accountant. The butcher shop was on the verge of bankruptcy because I was running it. That is when I figured that I would hand the business over to you.”

“Thank you,” said Bobby. “I am so glad that the family business did not go bankrupt.”

“I know I have done some terrible things in my past,” said Aunt Jessica. “However, if I lost this business to bankruptcy, I would never be able to live with myself.”

“I am honoured that the knife glows for me,” said Bobby. “How come Mother gave me the knife and not you?”

“Right after I spoke with that traveling salesman,” said Aunt Jessica. “I felt horrible about running the business into the ground so, I took the knife to your Mother. I thought your dad would have wanted that.”

“Yes,” said Bobby. “I really think he would have. I just want you to know that I admire you for letting me take over the family business. You will always have a job here.”

“It means a lot to me that you trust me after everything I have done to this family,” said Aunt Jessica, giving Bobby a big hug.

“Are we ready to go home?” asked Mother, who had just finished cleaning up after the grand opening.

“Yes,” said Bobby. “I am. Tomorrow business begins and the three of us are going to work hard and profit from this butcher shop.”

“Just like your dad and your grandpa,” said Aunt Jessica, proudly. “We are going to make an amazing team together.”

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