Bobby the Butcher and the Warlock

Bobby the Butcher was the at the butcher shop working late one evening. He had a lot to do to prepare orders for the next morning. He was working alone because Mother was ill and Aunt Jessica had an appointment.

There was a knock at the back door. Bobby assumed it was Aunt Jessica coming home from her date. He unlocked the door and went about his work.

“How was your appointment?” Bobby asked, without looking up.

“What appointment?” asked a strange voice.

Bobby turned around and was shocked to see Desmond standing there. Desmond was an old friend of Aunt Jessica. Bobby had his suspicions about Desmond being into witchcraft. In fact, Bobby was pretty sure that it was Desmond who had talked Aunt Jessica into getting into witchcraft all those years ago. However, Bobby could never prove it and Aunt Jessica always denied it.

“Desmond,” said Bobby. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“You still working here,” asked Desmond.

“I own the place,” said Bobby. “Aunt Jessica finally came to her senses.”

“I didn’t see that one coming,” said Desmond. “Is she here? I would love to see her again.”

“No she isn’t here,” said Bobby, picking up his butcher’s knife. “She had an appointment.”

Bobby watched as the butcher’s knife glowed. He watched Desmond’s face as he pointed the knife in his direction. Desmond was afraid.

“I see you have the family knife,” said Desmond. “I also see that you have made it glow. Your Aunt Jessica tried so hard but she just couldn’t get it to glow.”

“That is because Aunt Jessica was not the right family member to be running this butcher shop,” said Bobby.

“I think that is nonsense,” said Desmond. “Aunt Jessica did a wonderful job of running it. She was upset by the way the family was treating her.”

“She was using witchcraft against her own family,” said Bobby. “I would suggest you stay away from Aunt Jessica. There is something about you that I do not trust.”

“Fine,” said Desmond. “I will leave for now but I will see Jessica, one way or another.”

Desmond left but Bobby felt unnerved. He was very angry. He couldn’t concentrate on his work and when Aunt Jessica did show up at the shop after her appointment, she could tell something was wrong.

“I saw your friend, Desmond, tonight,” said Bobby.

Bobby saw the look on Aunt Jessica’s face. She wasn’t shocked at all. That made Bobby very suspicious.

“You knew he was in town,” said Bobby, angrily. “Are you into witchcraft again?”

Aunt Jessica didn’t answer.

“I take it by your silence that you are,” said Bobby. “So what is with you and your warlock friend? Need I remind you of what happened the last time you practised witchcraft. Grandpa took you out of his will. You have a job here with me because I trusted you. I will fire you if I ever catch you doing any kind of witchcraft.”

“You wouldn’t,” said Aunt Jessica.

“Yes,” said Bobby. “I would. I will destroy anything that gets in the way of this business.”

“I see,” said Aunt Jessica as she stormed out of the shop.

Aunt Jessica went for a long walk to clear her head and to figure out what she was going to do.

“How will I ever tell Bobby that I am in love with Desmond and that we are planning on getting married?” Aunt Jessica asked herself. “That is going to destroy my relationship with my only nephew. However, I need to be happy and live my own life.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is hard to be the black sheep of the family.
  • Example: Aunt Jessica knew she had to tell Bobby about her marriage to Desmond but she also knew it was going to destroy their relationship.

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