The Missing Christmas Toys

Bobby Brooks was downtown Christmas Eve day with his mother, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Bobby looked into the window of the department store that they were just passing. He was hoping he’d get a glimpse of the toy that he wanted so badly for Christmas. He just wanted one more glimpse. Bobby knew he would never get the toy that he wanted because it was just so expensive but he wanted it so badly.

“Bobby!” exclaimed Mother, looking at the ash-stricken face on her son. “What is the matter with you? You look like you have just seen a ghost.”

“No,” said Bobby, sadly. “My toy is gone.”

“What toy?” asked Mother.

“There was a toy in the window that I want so badly for Christmas,” said Bobby. “However, I know that we can’t afford it. I just wanted to take one last look at it before Christmas but it is gone.”

“Are you talking about that robot?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Bobby. “That robot is so cool.”

“I see,” said Mother, smiling to herself.

“Oh well,” said Bobby, trying to cheer up. “Maybe next Christmas.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “Maybe.”

Mother and Bobby went home after they were finished their last minute Christmas shopping. Bobby had put the robot toy out of his mind while he helped Mother bake some Christmas cookies. He put the robot toy out of his mind while he hung his stocking. He put the robot toy out of his mind while he left a snack for Santa Claus. However, try as he might, he just couldn’t put the robot toy out of his mind while he slept.

Bobby dreamt all night long about that robot toy. He wanted it so badly. He had been a good boy all year long, well almost. However, Bobby knew that his mother and father had little money this year since his father’s work accident. His father had been out of work now for three months, still recuperating.

Christmas morning, Bobby forgot all about the robot toy the moment he saw all the gifts under the tree.

“Wow!” exclaimed Bobby. “Look at all the gifts under the tree! Looks like Santa Claus was here!”

“Oh,” winked Bobby’s father to his mother. “Santa was definitely here alright and he even left an extra special gift for you.”

Bobby’s father handed a parcel over to Bobby. Bobby tore the wrapping from the parcel as quickly as he could. He was shocked when he saw his robot toy in the box. Tears welled up in his eyes.

“But,” said Bobby. “Didn’t Santa know that we couldn’t afford it this year?”

“Well,” laughed Bobby’s father. “I guess someone forgot to tell that to Santa! Merry Christmas son!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Santa Claus works in mysterious ways.
  • Example: Bobby knew his parents could not afford to get him the toy he wanted for Christmas. He was very surprised when it showed up under the tree Christmas morning.

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