Trickster Bunny’s Christmas Adventure

“What I wouldn’t give for a new dishwasher!” exclaimed Mother, while she was washing the breakfast dishes by hand. “Christmas is coming,” said Trickster Bunny. “Maybe Santa will bring you one.” “I doubt that very much,” said Mother. “We didn’t put it on our Christmas list.” “I will go to the North Pole and ask Santa […] Read More

Evil Elf’s Christmas Gift

“Hi Evil Elf,” said Suzie Elf, one day after work. “It is getting so close to Christmas. Only two more days to go.” “You know,” said Evil Elf. “It doesn’t really matter that Christmas is so close because we get one day off and then we have to get right back to work to prepare […] Read More

Evil Elf and his Evil Deeds

“I am going to be very evil this Christmas,” said Evil Elf to himself. “I am going to get the other elves into trouble.” “You will do no such thing,” said Santa, who just happened to walk into the workshop and overhear what Evil Elf had just said. “We need to get to the bottom […] Read More

Santa has a Toothache

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Claus, when Santa woke up on Christmas Eve morning. “You don’t look so good. What is wrong?” “I have a terrible toothache,” said Santa. “Let me call the dentist,” said Mrs. Claus. Santa went into the hallway and put his black winter boots on. Mrs. Claus called the dentist. “And where […] Read More

Evil Elf and No Christmas

Evil Elf stood watching the other elves doing their work. They were all so happy. Their happiness was getting to him. He couldn’t stand how happy they were. “There isn’t going to be a Christmas this year,” shouted Evil Elf. “It has been cancelled.” “Are you serious?” asked Suzie Elf. “How come and who told […] Read More

Edith’s Christmas

It was a very cold and snowy Christmas morning. Edith St. Pierre was waiting in anticipation for her Christmas gift from Santa. She had tried so hard all year to be good and she believed that she was on her best behavior ever. She really wanted a new phone for Christmas. She wanted one that […] Read More

Silly Snake Wants a Kitten

“Silly Snake,” said Mother, one night after tucking him in bed. “What do you want for Christmas?” “Gee,” said Silly Snake. “I want a kitten.” “A kitten!” exclaimed Mother. “Why do you want a kitten?” “My friend, Peter, he has one,” said Silly Snake. “He gets to play with it all the time.” “I see,” […] Read More