Silly Snake Wants a Kitten

“Silly Snake,” said Mother, one night after tucking him in bed. “What do you want for Christmas?”

“Gee,” said Silly Snake. “I want a kitten.”

“A kitten!” exclaimed Mother. “Why do you want a kitten?”

“My friend, Peter, he has one,” said Silly Snake. “He gets to play with it all the time.”

“I see,” said Mother. “But who would look after the kitten? Kittens need care. They need food and water and they need their litter changed.”

“Well see,” said Silly Snake. “If it was my kitten, I would look after him.”

“We’ll see,” said Mother. “I can’t promise you that I can get you a kitten but we’ll see.”

“What about Santa Claus?” asked Silly Snake. “Can’t he get me a kitten?”

“I don’t think Santa can take a kitten in his sleigh with him,” said Mother. “It would be too cold for the kitten. After all, Santa has to go around the whole world.”

“That is true,” said Silly Snake. “I did ask Santa Claus for a kitten so maybe Santa can wrap him in a blanket and bring him to me.”

“How about you getting some sleep?” said Mother.

For the whole week before Christmas, Silly Snake talked about nothing else except for getting his own kitten. He was very excited about getting one and he even did everything his mother told him to when she told him to. He wanted a kitten really badly.

Christmas Eve came along. Mother hardly spoke to Silly Snake because she could not get a kitten for Silly Snake and she was very sad that she couldn’t get him what he wanted for Christmas.
Christmas morning came along and Silly Snake was awake very early that morning. He rushed downstairs to the kitchen, where his Mother was making breakfast.

“Good morning son,” said Father, who was sipping a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Dad,” said Silly Snake, rushing to the front door. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas to you too, son,” said Father. “What are you rushing to the front door for?”

“My Christmas present,” said Silly Snake. “I wanted a kitten for Christmas and this morning I heard a kitten meowing at the front door.”

“Son,” said Mother. “I don’t know how to tell you this but… ”

Mother stopped speaking as soon as she saw what Silly Snake had in his arms. Silly Snake had the furriest little kitten sitting in his arms.

“Santa got me this kitten,” said Silly Snake.

“Are you sure?” asked Mother, surprised.

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “Look at his tag that is around his neck.”

Mother read the tag aloud. “My name is Sparkles. I belong to Silly Snake. Love, Santa Claus.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Mother. “I guess you must have been an extra special good boy this year.”

“I know,” said Silly Snake. “I really tried hard every day to be good and do as I was told.”

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